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Transcendence wallpapers for your PC, Android Device, Iphone or Tablet PC. If you want to download Transcendence High Quality wallpapers for your desktop, please download this wallpapers above and click «set as desktop background». You can share this wallpaper in social networks, we will be very grateful to you. 

Mankind has long dreamed of creating artificial life and bad succeeded in imitation of life: self-contained mechanisms, dolls, similar to humans, and the first experiments in the invention of artificial intelligence inspired to new exploits generations of scientists. However, only now there is a very real prospect to master the creation of artificial intelligence, as complex and incomprehensible, as well as a living human brain.
Research in this area has been Dr. Will Caster, set out to create a machine that has the consciousness and collective intelligence. Not everyone shares the desire of Will: on his side his wife and assistant Evelyn and colleagues, including Dr. and Max, but against a set of studies extremist groups who pondered. After Custer seriously wounded, his wife and a friend of his brain load data into the computer, to save his mind, but the consequences of this decision are truly frightening.

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