The Divergent Series: Allegiant HQ wallpapers

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

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Continuation of the famous series of films “Divergent,” where exceptional people who go beyond the established system, forced to fight for their own survival.
The main character is still Tris. Together with his partner, and a handful of friends they try to return to normal life, but instead imposed an authoritarian regime erudition situation in the city is overshadowed by the emergence of new usurpers. Oddly enough, but it has become a mother of Tobias. That this woman led a group of people who could not get into any faction. During selection each had the right to go to another caste, and there realized, but if at the end of the reception everything was not as it should be and the head did not take them, poor things automatically appeared on the street and had no right to claim a place in the chosen or the old caste. In general, the offended and offended he has taken under his wing, the notorious mother of fearless and began to create chaos in the city: its people began to plunder, murder and thorough revolution.
Staying here was impossible. It is necessary to get outside of the high wall, but the way up is not easy, but what is it? Uncertainty? Savages? As it turned out eventually, after crossing the fence, beyond the wall there is an organization that controls all of these cities with the aim of removing them divergents. These representatives of the society will have to eventually revive the human race. The government has created in every city some sort of device, a slightly different social systems, but aimed at the birth of just such “pure species”. However, due to the events in Chicago, the authorities decided to restart the project, erasing all memory. That is all over again … But how to react to this Tris? And what they do with the children?

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