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The Babadook

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The story began six years ago, when the heroine Amelia gave birth to a son and lost on the same day her husband. Now Samuel grew up, became a clever and diligent boy, but with it was something incredible. Like all children his age, he sees everywhere the various monsters, but once, at his request, my mother read a book about a monster, all the nightmares become reality. Details tell the movie The Babadook.
Amelia has to grow very young son Samuel, who goes for the seventh year. Once the behavior is changing, dreams are becoming restless, and all thoughts of the boy engaged in some monster. In order to overcome his fear, he even fashioned a weapon. Sam soon have to pick up from school, as he had serious problems arise. And here, once before going to bed, he suddenly asks Amelia to read his extraordinary book “The Babadook Mister,” which collected strange tales. According to Sam, it was on his shelf. The story is told of a certain creature torments everyone to know about it. The mother appeared anxious thoughts, because the book convinces her son that he was pursuing the terrible The Babadook. But from that moment the two heroes faced with supernatural events: the objects move by themselves, are heard in the house, new sounds, and food across broken glass. Amelia begins to suspect around Sam, although he assures that it is the machinations of The Babadook. The heroine does not believe him, but after a while and becomes a hostage of hallucinations. What will happen to the family front, you can see, deciding to watch online The Babadook.
With each passing day more and more difficult to surprise the audience and come up with something new and unique, but modern cinema continues to find ideas. The old house, the monster – it would seem, everything is primitive, but no. The game takes a tiny character and mystique, thanks to which the fantasy gradually becomes a reality, and then vice versa. At such times quite difficult to distinguish reality from imagination. If you are looking for a truly worthy representative of the horror genre, is to look online as The Babadook.
Year: 2015
Country: Australia, Canada
Genre: Thriller, Horror, Drama
Time: 1:29:59

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