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The Age of Adaline

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Love melodrama begins with the fact that a police officer stops a car with a beautiful girl at the wheel. He checks her papers and discovers something incredible – she was born in the beginning of the 19th century, and is now in the court of 1953. All anything, but the main character of the film “The Age of Adaline,” looks like a very young girl. From this point on we will discover the history of the fate of beauty. Cold winter night in 1935 life changed forever Adalin – she had an accident. That night, there was something magical – the girl survived, but no longer grow old even for one day. After ten years, this raises questions of the authorities and over her hesitant to conduct research, but eternally young beauty escapes and hiding from the police. She gets a new name on the documents and now Adalin have to face hardships – it will survive several times the people loved her little daughter gradually become the old grandmother. All this suggests the idea of it, it’s not a gift, and a curse, as eternal youth does not mean anything, if there are no relatives and loved ones. She is constantly having to run and change the city, but the story line takes the viewer in our time, when the heroine once again returned to their homes. Here she meets one of the guys from the last century – he was quite an old man. The heroine once again convinced of the idea that it is cursed. But everything changed when she met with the son of the beloved from the distant 1960. It seems that their meeting time to stop and make the woman again believe that living in the present.

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