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The Accountant

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The film The Accountant 2016 is very exciting, it revolves around Christian Wulff. The main character is a mathematical genius, and he has a very pronounced analytical skills. But everything Woolf suffers obsessive – compulsive disorder. Already in early childhood, his family despised, since it is not like everyone else.
Wolf grew up surrounded by mathematical formulas and infinity of numbers, they have become dearer to him than the people who surrounded him. When the protagonist becomes an adult, it decides to do auditing. The man begins to provide a very dangerous criminal organizations and their abilities, as he was the most highly qualified specialist. Pretty soon we started looking for Christian employees of the department for combating economic crimes. The protagonist noticed this and decided that it would be better to go to work in the official organization and become law-abiding. He finds a job in the finance department. And he found in pretty decent company discrepancy in the accounts, not for one million dollars. And as soon as Christian decides to delve into the case, because he was a very responsible, they begin to appear the first victim. As there is such a terrible happens?
Year: 2016
Original title: The Accountant
Genre: Drama
Country: USA

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