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Sherlock Gnomes

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Released at: 2018
Manufacturing: United States, United Kingdom
Director: John Stevenson
Starring: Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, James McAvoy, Mary J. Blige, Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Civetel Ejiofor

A large migration encourages the friendly company of the gnomes. People get a solid London cottage, where at the same time opens a new residence for kids. Gnomeo and Juliet conceive to create an ideal garden corner to help talentless giants. Rumors about the intrigues of villains in the neighborhood friends learn at their leisure. The press is full of how the genius Sherlock Gnomes investigates the tricky business. Suddenly, the help of the master of deduction will also be needed for the cute cheerful people. The reason for hiring a detective is the kidnapping of all friendly neighbors. The annoying incident becomes a shock to the team’s lovers, but the couple hopes for the foresight of the ranger. The rescue squad rushes to investigate the ups and downs of the high-profile case. Watson dedicates the daredevils in particular to the deductive method of the cartridge and smoothes out some of the contradictions and blunders admitted by the other. Meanwhile, unfortunate stolen dwarfs are forced to fight with Japanese garden decorations and other foreign curiosities. The captives are trying in vain to find out about the plans of the villain who dared to wrest them from their familiar surroundings. The investigation is moving too slowly, but the brave assistants of the legendary detective do not give up hope of saving their comrades.

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