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Selfie from Hell

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Julia’s video always collects a lot of likes and comments from loyal subscribers – a pretty popular video blogger. However, behind the routine work on processing clips and selecting musical accompaniment to the young media luminary, there is no rest in the homesickness that remained in the US. So one day she just buys a plane ticket and flies to her cousin Hannah, who has not seen for a very long time. Relatives are happy to meet, but then the American cousin notices strange strangeness in the behavior of his guest.

Visitizers for some unknown reason avoids doing selfie and does not allow the landlady to take pictures of herself at home. What is she afraid of – unsuccessful foreshortening or bad lighting? Soon, something bad happens to Julia, and Hannah decides to investigate the blog of her own bloodsucker to find the source of unhappiness. After reviewing the latest videos, she notes on them the presence of strange and unexplained phenomena, which can not be explained by skillful interference in the shooting process. It remains only to continue searching the World Wide Web, where you can find a solution to any problems. But the closer the girl comes to unraveling the mystery, the more paranormal events happen to her …

Starring: Alison Walker, Tony Giroux, Mila Adams, Ian Butcher, Tyler Smith, Sean Morse, Matthew Graham, Stephanie Goode
Director: Erdal Seilan
2018 Canada

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