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New York

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New York – the cultural capital of the United States, promising all who happen to visit there, a lot of different tastes. Amazing New York City has, as a general statement, a certain “tonic” effect. In this city tourists waiting tense, result of the ongoing life of the streets.
Fifth Avenue – the street, as well as the Champs Elysees in Paris, expresses the spirit of New York in all its splendor. Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan on the East Side and West Side, and enters into his arms Central Park with a memorial of John Lennon and turns in the “museum mile” – a place where the best museums of art.
The Guggenheim Museum of contemporary art deserves special attention. The museum building looks like an inverted snail shell and is considered one of the most outstanding architectural works of the XX century. Inspection six-storey round exposure occurs on the inclined ramp. Guggenheim Museum and other art galleries is different in that it is not the individual masterpieces of various artists, and cultural heritage of entire civilizations.
The most famous area of New York – Times Square. It is located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. This area is a building housing the head office of the famous newspaper “The New York Times.” From the roof of this building every year on December 31 at 23 hours and 59 minutes down the crystal ball. When the ball touches the ground – comes the New Year. Watch hundreds of thousands of people come for the show. In this watch Times Square resembles an ant hill, strewn with tons of colorful confetti.
Chinatown – one of the most exotic neighborhoods of New York City is located in the southern part of Manhattan, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. This is a real city within a city with Chinese temples and markets, shops and gardens Confucian meditation. The main attraction of Chinatown – more than 500 restaurants of all calibers. Mott Street consists entirely of shining purity institutions with Chinese lanterns and characters on signs, – can only make a difficult choice between the “Golden Unicorn”, “House of Peking duck”, “Silver Palace” and other exotic places, where posh interior to match the exquisite Specialities!
New York’s Administration fights bright advertising, considering it too energy-intensive, and only on Broadway, owners of restaurants, cabarets, music halls and theaters are obliged to exhibit posters and neon signs. In the evening here as bright as day. Broadway – the best proof that New York – the city that never sleeps!

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