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“When God is in heaven is boring, he opens the window and looks at the Parisian boulevards” – wrote about this town of Heinrich Heine.
Our compatriots echoed by German poet. For example, Dostoevsky argued that “Paris – the only city in the world where you can suffer, but do not be unhappy.” And as soon not call Paris home! And the city of love, and the capital of fashion and beauty, and romance area. If we do not like something, we often utter contempt “Not Paris”, thus emphasizing the high status of the city and all that is connected with it.
In other words, Paris – a sacred city, even for those who have not been there. Perhaps this is why ordinary phrase “See Paris and die” for many it does make sense. But it is not necessary to die. But definitely worth to see. Moreover, preferably several times. Otherwise, you risk not know the city in all its splendor.
View in Paris really has everything. First, here are collected the sights of world renown, the list of which is not limited to all the famous Eiffel Tower. Secondly, this city has many museums, and the list, again, Louvre is just beginning, but it does not end there. Third, in Paris almost fifty theaters, which will be able to relax the soul lovers of cultural and leisure activities. Paris is famous for the beautiful parks and boulevards – the same ones that, according to Heine, admires the Almighty. It has long been famous for its cabaret and Paris, where you can brighten up the evening after a walk in remarkable places. Well, finally, in Paris nice to just sit at an outdoor cafe, drink scalding coffee crunch and fresh baguette, looking not always rushing somewhere to passers-by.
On top of that Paris – a city of amazing responsiveness, which emit the locals. Wherever you come – in a museum or in a restaurant, shop or ticket office – you immediately offer his help. And if, God forbid, no, you get lost walking around the streets of Paris, near you line up all of those wishing to prompt way. It probably had in mind Dostoevsky when he wrote that in Paris it is impossible to feel miserable. And he was right. Indeed, is there any place for sadness, when there is so much beauty and kindness? Hardly. So, if you suddenly Homesick, do not go to the pharmacy for antidepressants, and go to Paris – for a good mood.

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