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Money Monster

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About the film
Twenty-first century – a time of crisis and inflation, when everyone who classify themselves as middle class, may at any time be empty. But not only the economic downturn leads to the bankruptcy of the common people, because not all possess sufficient knowledge of the financial system, making the wrong investments, and losing all their money. Many people do not lack professionalism, others have money, but they do not want to open their own business, afraid to burn, while others simply do not have such an opportunity, hoping to learn the art of the capital increase. After reviewing all the problems of modern society, an expert in the economic sphere Lee Gates decides to create his own TV show, where he will be able to give people advice and dialogue on the air. The man is fluent in all the subtleties of the economy, and is willing to share this knowledge with others! Television shows are quickly gaining popularity among the audience, which Gates professional advice really helps. And thus, a man becomes a true leader of the economic sphere, received national recognition and the nickname “financial guru”.
Every day, the ratings continue to rise, and soon under the management of the channel gives his TV show the most expensive time. However, the more popular it becomes Gates, the more crooks want to earn money for his honest name. Figured out a clever scam, they raise a large amount of one of the loyal fans of Lee, hiding behind his name, and gave his advice scheme for the presenter. An inexperienced man fully believes fraudsters, resulting in losing their savings and left with nothing. Blamed Gates, the viewer decides to deal with it in the air, took the man, and with it the entire studio, hostage. The release of this program definitely go down in the history of the highest rated programs, as thousands of viewers across the country are eagerly awaiting outcome of this dialogue.

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