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Le retour du héros

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Released: 2018
Country: France
Genre: Comedy, History
Director: Laurent Tirard
Starring actors: Jean Dujardin, Melanie Laurent, Noemi Merlan, Christoph Montenez, Evelyn Buil, Christian Bujeau, Fedor Atkin, Fabien Galula, Laurent Bateau, Jean-Michel Lamy

The plot of the film “Le retour du héros”:
In the center of the plot of the film The Heartbreaker is the story of the beautiful aristocrat Pauline and her beloved Neville. Pauline loved her chosen Captain Neville more than life. Therefore, learning about his imminent departure to Austria with the army of Napoleon, I decided to wait for my lover despite attempts by my relatives to dissuade her from my plans. The girl in love did not want to believe that her chosen one was a noble scoundrel and a reveler, so their chances of a happy future together are scanty.
Before leaving Neville solemnly swore to the ladies every day to send her letters. But all the words were forgotten shortly after departure. The unhappy Pauline jumped from every sound, waiting for the news from the hussar, but there were no letters. Watching the suffering, her sister Elizabeth decided to take responsibility for what was happening. She began to write letters on behalf of the soldier, promising happiness and swearing allegiance. This markedly revived Pauline, who again felt alive. But the news from the real captain did not come, so Elizabeth had to create a legend about his heroic death in battle. She believed that such news would sober a relative, and she would start living in real time. But soon everything finally came out of the girl’s control. The desolate hussar decided to show up when he was least expected.

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