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Year 2019
Country: USA
Director M. Night Shyamalan
Premiere (world) 01/17/2019
Production Blinding Edge Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Touchstone Pictures, Universal Pictures
Actors Anya Taylor-Joy, James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Paulson, more

Recognized master of psychological thriller M. Night Shyamalan presents his new project, which is at the same time the sequel to his movie hits “Unbreakable” and “Split”, and in other words – the crossover of these very memorable viewers of pictures. Recall that the first of these was the superhero thriller “Unbreakable”, filmed in 2000, was incredibly successful, both with the public and with colleagues and critics, received several prestigious awards and even perched on the twentieth line of Quentin Tarnatino’s personal rating of all films, released since 1992.
The protagonist of the picture is David Dunn, who was played by Bruce Willis, a successful athlete in the past – an American football player who, after finishing his sports career, works as a watchman of the stadium, returning from work gets caught in a train disaster, of all the passengers only he manages to stay alive while he does not even have a single injury.

Then he meets a certain mysterious character, sweat named Elijah Price, who suffers from an incredible brittleness of bones, and therefore his name is a glass man. Elijah helps David discover his superpowers, and among them the vision of the past. As a result, Dunn discovers that the Glass Man himself seemed to be completely innocent and unable to harm anyone. He himself set up several terrible accidents that took the lives of many people So he tested his certain theory. Dunn reports this to the police, and, ultimately, the Glass Man finds himself in a clinic for the insane.

Split was shot sixteen years later. His anti-hero was Kevin, who suffers from multiple personality splitting. They are not two and not three, but twenty three. This subject kidnaps three teenage girls, Casey, Claire and Marsh, from the parking lot. One of the personalities named Dennis tells the unfortunate girls that there is a 24th “Beast.” And from this Beast only Cassie can escape, and the other girls die. And Kevin goes to a mental hospital.

In the epilogue, visitors to the diner discuss Kevin, who for the multiplicity of personalities is called the “Horde,” and someone suddenly remembers a certain disabled terrorist who went to an insane asylum about fifteen years ago, and says that Kevin reminds him of something with him … Next to him an elderly man is sitting – this is David Dunn, he recalls that the invalid was nicknamed “Mr. Glass” …

So already in the finals of “Split”, a bid was made for a crossover. And now in the new film “Glass” two criminals with obvious mental disorders, possibly found themselves in the same clinic, are likely to join forces to get even with their offenders – the aged superhero David Dunn and the unfortunate girl Casey, who had a chance to survive the horror Abduction Horde. And in order to confront their villains, they, too, will need to combine their efforts and capabilities to once again try to defeat evil, this time finally.

How will this confrontation between a healthy and sick mind end, and who will emerge from this deadly fight as a winner? Be sure to wait for the premiere of this exciting thriller.

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