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Early Man

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Released: 2018
Country: United Kingdom, France
Genre: Animation
Directed by: Nick Park
Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Macy Williams, Eddie Redmayne, Miriam Margulis, Richard Ayoadi, Timothy Spall, Mark Williams, Rob Brydon, Kayvan Nowak, Johnny Vegas
Description: Cartoon “Wild ancestors” on the example of a single tribe describes the difficult transition of the planet’s population from the stone period to the more developed Bronze Age. It seemed to the cave people that they had achieved an ideal existence. It was possible to replenish the stocks of food in a timely manner. The dwellings were reliably protected from uninvited guests. Enemies and wild animals did not so often visit this territory, but even for such cases there was enough of the brave warriors ready to give a worthy rebuff. Young Doug and his tribesmen believed that they reached the peak of development, they did not need radical changes. The tribe remained completely satisfied with the conditions of its own existence.
The savages did not know what was happening outside their homeland. However, they were not particularly worried about this issue. Still, inexorable progress has affected these primitive lands. Once there was an unexpected visitor, who announced the onset of the Bronze Age. From that moment on, the entire population, including the savages, had to change their own lives. Dissatisfied cave dwellers were persecuted, and even isolated in specially designated places. Savages tried to protest, for which they paid for themselves, making sure how serious the situation is. Now Dagu and his faithful friend Boar have to find a way to save fellow tribesmen. Watch the cartoon “Wild Ancestors” and witness numerous adventures of a brave young man.

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