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The central characters of the series of four housewives of the wealthy suburb. They live in the fictional creators of the project the street of Wisteria Lane in the town of Fairview.
It all starts with how their old friend Mary Alice Young, receives a note with threats from an unknown and ultimately commits suicide in his own house. All these episodes Mary Alice Young will act as narrator, a story about what happened after her death in the street of Wisteria Lane with her friends housewives.
Initially, Marc Cherry had planned to shoot episodes of thirty minutes, but the version of the sitcom quickly abandoned and decided to produce a series of sentries with elements of drama.
According to the creators of the project according to their inspired TV series “Sex and the City” and the film “American Beauty.” Marc Cherry has offered the pilot episode of the series for most of the leading TV channels, however, HBO, CBS, NBC, Fox, Showtime and Lifetime rejected the project, considering it futile, the agreement only gave ABC channel. This decision soon proved fatal. It is noteworthy that the “Desperate Housewives” producers adopted new ABC channel, then they confirmed funding for another project, abandoned by many TV networks – “Lost.” Lloyd Braun and Susan Lyne, did not have time to see participate in the implementation of projects approved by them, as the management of the channel, these producers dismissed, allegedly for professional mismatch.
Premiere looked about 22 million viewers, which was the highest figure for the past eleven years, and the season finale looked more than 30 million people.
The series won three prestigious television awards “Golden Globe”, as well as four “Emmy”. In 2007 the project was the most successful television series in the world, the total audience was at that time 120 million people. Not behind the series of the most high-profile TV projects and profitability in 2010, half an hour of airtime creators brought 2.7 million dollars, which allowed to reach the third place in the ranking.

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