Captain America: The Winter Soldier desktop wallpaper

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier wallpapers for your PC, Android Device, Iphone or Tablet PC. If you want to download Captain America: The Winter Soldier High Quality wallpapers for your desktop, please download this wallpapers above and click «set as desktop background». You can share this wallpaper in social networks, we will be very grateful to you. 

Captain America – the result of secret US experiments underground research center, which has turned frail and skinny soldier is now a weapon that could defeat the enemy and the enemy of the state. But it so happened that he was accidentally frozen for half a century, after which modern citizens have found it. He then joined the rest of the Avengers, and decided to dedicate his life to save mankind.
By this time, all his friends and relatives had died, so we can safely say that he’s lonely. The only relatives were colleagues from the organization S.H.I.E.L.D. In general, he had to become a special agent and perform various dangerous missions, which are not under the forces of ordinary people. And, admittedly, Rogers coped with a bang. His patriotism was still knows no bounds, and the love of their own country awakens willingness to sacrifice their lives for it.
Captain America inadvertently witnesses a treacherous plans of several influential persons who can initiate another catastrophe in the form of a new war. To admit this, of course, a man can not, therefore, combined with the charming Natasha Romanoff, better known under the name “Black Widow.” But she herself has an arsenal of secrets. After some time they are joined by another character, known as “Falcon”. Together the trio must understand what is happening, out of the way enemies and find the organizers of the upcoming crime. But whether they will be able to cooperate for these purposes?

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