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Call John Leonetti too successful director can not, in the role of his debut in 1997 and the second part of «Mortal Kombat» (Mortal Kombat), he messed up. In 2006, Leonetti made the film “The Butterfly Effect 2”, which is also completely turned. As many as eight years, John did not remove anything, the operator’s work, and that he is much better at. And in 2014 he released his third full-length film “Annabelle”. Unfortunately, the psychological thriller has not turned out and more disappointed. The plot can be called Gary Doberman is not bad, but in fact harping and manner of filing stories did not like and did not work. Therefore, this film can be easily written in the low-grade horror movies. And scare illustrated the story can only highly suggestible viewers. But on the whole cliche, trite and predictable.
Before turning to the subject of the film “Annabelle”, you need to make another brief digression. In 2013 came the film “Spell” in which creation Leonetti has been involved as an operator. In terms of the mystical thriller tape fully turned. And the subject of the picture Leonetti will be associated with it. You will see the history of the “spell” of the evil spirit of the tape, which is moved into the children’s doll. First doll will be the hunters of mystical things, but then it starts to fall into the hands of ordinary people. Calling herself a doll is Annabelle and a lot of people it would bring horrible death …
The idea to develop the success of the “spell” of the film really is not bad, but as already noted, it failed. And in world cinema are many examples where to go on the success of other films did not work. James Van tape filmed in 2013, and his directorial potential is much higher than that of Leonetti.
In every way the film has turned out not even the final pros it is very difficult to find here. Well, just two actresses can distinguish who played well and even strange how they got into this failed project. Here you will see the incomparable Alfre Woodard, which is as much as 18 times nominated for the “Emmy” and this film award won four times. Annabelle Wallis such achievements can not boast, but in many interesting Hollywood films she starred, albeit not at the very top plans.
In general, the more horror. And it is very difficult to say what the audience he can fully come to taste.

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