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Annabelle Comes Home

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Year: 2019
Country: USA
Director: Gary Doberman
Cast: McKenna Grace, Madison Iceman, Katie Sarif, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Emily Brobst, Steve Coulter, Stephen Blackhart, Eddie J. Fernandez, Schade Katharina

She actually loses all her familiar world. Of course, the girl’s family is keen to help her. But it turns out to be difficult. The girl needs to be taught again as soon as possible, to enjoy life. But how to choose the right way for this? Bailey every day everything is sad and sad, you need to urgently do something. And it seems that something can still help. They manage to find one of the best guide trainers in the state. His name is Charles, and he is really good in this. It remains only to pick up such a four-eyed assistant and a friend who can both benefit the girl and pull out the depths of her depression. And she will become a faithful guard when she walks through the streets and at home too. But Charles, having learned about the peculiarities of the situation, Bailey offers a slightly different solution. He leads to her house a miniature horse named Apple. Perhaps she is the friend and helper she needs to live life to the fullest? Once Mr. Herbert Stam was an amateur boxer. And it should be recognized as quite good. With certain hands, he probably could have achieved a number of successes in professional sports. However, it turned out quite differently. Now he is working on the unsightly work of a mountain of muscles. His task is to knock out money from people who owe him a friend. Racketeer, who is afraid of the whole district, and many local gangsters even respect. It can be described as a proud, stern man, who is not used to showing any emotions. In general, it’s scary to meet such a person in a dark alley.

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