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Alita: Battle Angel

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Released at: 2018
Budget: $ 200,000,000
Manufacturing: USA, Canada, Argentina
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Starring: Rose Salazar, Ace Gonzalez, Jennifer Connelly, Christophe Waltz, Michelle Rodriguez, Ed Screin, Mahershala Ali, Jackie Earl Hailey, Casper Van Dean, Jeff Fahey

The future is subject to technocratic rules. Robots and cyborgs receive comprehensive rights to the neighborhood, and in places – even superiority over humanity. A brutal world consists of militant groups and conspiracies. Desperate warriors gather in clans to oppress the weak and conquer certain spheres of influence. An experienced doctor finds in the dump details of a strange mechanism. Efforts of the sensitive expert “Alita: Battle Angel” gets a chance to resurrect. Such a possibility is bestowed on her by a unique feature – the combination of the human brain and the mechanical body. The damaged metal remains can be reconstructed and tied in a tedious sequence. Creation gets a second wind, and the adoptive father rejoices at the uprising of the child. The pupil loses all memories, but finds a life. Despite the amnesia, the army’s skills, strength and skill are awakened. Unusual skills hint at the warlike past of the cyborg. A pair of allies helps the dumped warrior to restore justice. Gradually revealing the details of her personality, the electronic Amazon tries to understand on whose side it is to fight. The fateful choice between disparate poles will affect the fate of the whole planet.

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  1. Alita the battle angel is a extraordinary ,fantastic,mind blowing,highly science fiction ,technology based movie .i have no word to explain how i much i like this movie but as much as i love avenger marvel series.

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