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Alien: Covenant

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Year: 2017
World premiere: October 6, 2017
Country: USA
American sci-Fi Thriller by Ridley Scott, a sequel to the movie “Prometheus”. The film “Alien: Covenant” takes place immediately after the events in the first part of the movie. Elizabeth Shaw and Android David went in search of Makers to find answers to their nagging questions. The plot of the movie Alien Covenant action the movie “Alien: Covenant” takes place after the events in the first part of the movie called “Prometheus”. After losing his entire team of the space research vessel “Prometheus” on a natural satellite “LV-223”, Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Android David (Michael Fassbender) fly to the home planet of the Creators. They want to know what the representatives of the super-race created humans and then decided to destroy them.Ridley Scott, Director: “so I begin to create the next series, which will continue the story begun previously. The show’s history, and is divided into two parts, Michael Fassbender. From that moment the story starts to evolve. When will this series will be next, and then another, which will lead us “back door” to the 1979 film. In other words, we learn why the Space Jockey was in the wrong place, and how inside he found himself a Stranger. These are the questions the viewer, finally receive the answers.”In the movie “Alien: Covenant” appears for the first time the new monster – it will be created as a result of a “incident”. The monster somewhat resembles a jellyfish – it is transparent and has a fuzzy body structure.Ridley Scott: “It’s brand new. It is far from all these gods, monsters and other nonsense. If I see another dragon on the screen, I’m gonna shoot myself. Stop the dragons. So, in “Alien: Covenant” I will try to create a new form of Alien in the second half of the picture. The crew of the film Alien Covenant
Director: Ridley Scott.
Script writers: Michael Green, John Logan, Jack Paglen.
Producers: Ridley Scott, Walter Hill, David Giler.
Actors: Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Daniel Webb and others.

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