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Famous Hungarian person, talented actress, famous in his time in the United States of America.
Zsa Zsa Gabor (betrothed at birth Shari Gabor) was born on 6 February 1917 in Budapest. Her parents were Angelina Jolie and Vilmos Gabor, who in addition, Shari was engaged in education of two daughters, Magda and Eva. By the way, later sister Shari also found their creative endeavors.
The name of the actress Gabor deserves special attention. Shari – Sarah in Hungarian is a beautiful name that came to mind mother of the actress. However, in early childhood, Shari didn’t know how to pronounce his own name because people started calling her otherwise – For For.
In the mid-thirties Per took part in one of the Hungarian beauty pageants and won. Unfortunately, at the same time, she was disqualified, because at that time not reached the age of majority and had no right to participate in the event of this kind.
After a while Gabor was working in the Viennese theater and perfectly played the role in one of the operettas, in a work called Der singende Traum. The voice actress was awesome and attracted the attention of many specialists, for example, the great tenor Richard Tauber. In 1958, the year For was recognized as the most Glamorous actress and award-winning.
Further – more. Soon the Gabor vengeance shone in the movies and on the Broadway stage.
Simultaneously with creative activity Zsa Zsa Gabor was actively engaged in the development of own – personal – life. Actress and singer married nine times. The first time Gabor was married in 1937 to the year – Burhan Belgium. Subsequently, with an enviable constancy – the actress suffered their own fate in the other matrimony yet, in August 1986 gogoda. – share fate with Frederic von Anhalt, which is in agreement resides to this day.
As a result of a marriage of the actress was born the daughter of Gabor – Francesca – that was the only granddaughter my parents For PS. Growing up, the daughter of the actress has not found common language with her mother one day found Francesca a thief and a fraud and filed for their own child to court.
By the way, most Actresses had their own problems with the law. Repeatedly For For paid fines and were sentenced to a short prison sentence, although he treated everything extremely skeptical.
In the fall of 2002, the year Gabor was seriously injured in a car accident. The actress spent almost a year in hospital, and after a long time restored health.
In 2005, the year of the Gabor fell ill again – this time from a stroke. Then the actress was operated on. In the 2007th year at the age of 90 years, she was back on the operating table. This time she was operated on the infected leg.

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