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American actress, model. Known due to participation in multi-series projects “Double”, “Beautiful creatures”, the picture “Academy of Vampires”
Zoey Francis Thompson Deutch was born on November 10, 1994 in Los Angeles, California, in a creative family. Her father is directed by Howard Deutch, who at one time introduced viewers to the pictures “Pretty in Pink”, “The Replacements” and several episodes of the scandalous series “Tales from the Crypt” Crypt), and mother – actress Lea Thompson (Lea Thompson), famous for the role of Lorraine Baines in the legendary trilogy “Back to the Future” (Back to the Future). Grandmother on the mother’s side, Barbara Barry Thompson, was a musician and artist, father’s grandfather, Murray Deutsch, a vocalist. Uncle Zoe – the famous actor Robert Walden (“Capricorn One”, “All Presidential Men”, “West Wing”).
Father Zoe has Jewish, Russian and Polish roots, and his mother – Irish, English, Scottish and Irish.
Zoe Doych grew up in the company of her elder sister Madelyn (Madelyn). Both girls followed in the footsteps of their parents, but the former devoted herself to dramatic art, and the second, along with the actor’s interest in music, in particular, his indie rock band called “Maddie and the Bad Hats.”
Deutsch attended the Oakwood School in Los Angeles, studied at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, where, among other disciplines, she comprehended the basics of theater and visual arts. Also since childhood, Zoe was fond of choreography: she danced ballet, jazz-modern and hip-hop.
Zoe Deutsch: The memories of my high school are terrible. It was a nightmare! I was badly offended, although now it sounds ridiculous. Then I was mocked morally and physically, so I left the regular school and went to the art school, where people were really passionate and excited about life and goals. They really changed my life and made me realize who I really am …

Creative way
At 15, Zoe, while still a schoolgirl, made her debut on the stage of a local youth theater. In 2010, she won the role of Maya, Zach Martin’s favorite girl, in Disney’s multi-series project “All Type Top, or Life on Deck.” In 2011-2012, Zoey Deutsch played Juliet Martin in the criminal thriller “Double” (ringer) on the channel The CW, and also appeared in the episode of the eighth season of the rating project “Marine Police: Special Division”.
Zoe Doich: I can not say that my Juliet is a scandalous person, but she likes to provoke others. In other words, in the frame I wear exceptionally short skirts and open tops. I think my parents are just happy that they see me in this form on TV, and not in real life.
Also, the actress appeared in the episode of the series “Think as a criminal: Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” and starred in the comedy “Mayor Cupcake” (Mayor Cupcake) in the company of mother and sister. In February 2013, it became known that Zoe Deutsch will appear in the image of the main character of the film adaptation of the series of books “The Academy of Vampires. The Sisters of Blood (Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters). The actress played the role of Rosa, a young representative of the vampire races of the Moroids and a pupil of the vampire academy in the heart of Montana.
Zoey Deutsch about his heroine: Rosa’s sense of humor seems to me amusing. Virtually all the words that flew out of my mouth in the film can be considered ridiculous. Rose from all the other “book girls” is distinguished by the fact that she is the main character. It is from her face that the story is being written. She is a hero, but, like everyone else, she makes mistakes. Rose does not always make the right decisions or looks in a pleasant light that I like. Often create some ideal images, but how close are they to people? And Rosa has certain values, she is self-confident and strong, that’s why I want to say: “I want to be like her!” But with these words she will surely twist her mouth. I appreciate this ability in her. And the true strength of Rosa I see in her vulnerability and ability to make mistakes.
Zoe Deutsch appeared in the fantastic drama “Beautiful Creatures” (2013), which tells of mystical events developing in the small town of Gatlin in the south of the United States. In this picture, the actress played a real rebel from the support group. Her heroine does not have supernatural powers, but she can manipulate the young sorceress Lena Ducane (Alice Englert) and incites that not to keep emotions in herself, and finally to use magic.
In 2016, in addition to the short film Of Dogs and Men, the audience saw the actress in the comedy directed by Dan Mather with Robert De Niro and Zack Efron in the lead roles “Grandfather of Easy Behavior”, a free continuation of the 1993 film “High and in disarray” – a film from Richard Linklater “To Everyone”, a criminal thriller with Emil Hirsch and Zoe Kravitz “Vincent and Roxy”, the romantic picture of John Hamburg “Why is he?”, where Zoe played the role of Ned Fleming’s daughter (Bryan Cranston). In 2017, Deutsch appeared in the image of Samantha Kingston in the teenage drama of Ru Russo-Young “The Time Matrix”, which starred and Holston Sage, Jennifer Beals, Logan Miller, Nicholas Leah, played the role of Oona O’Neil in the biographical film ” in the rye, “based on the book by Kenneth Slavenski and tells about the beginning of the creative career of writer JD Salinger. At the same time, Zoe took part in the shooting of the “Woe to the Creator” tape with Dylan Minnett, Zac Efron and James Franco.
Personal life
Since 2011, Zoya began to meet with her acting partner Evan Jogia (Victory Victory, Lohmotya, Sociopat), which she co-starred in the video for the song “Opium” from The New Division. In October 2016, it became known that young people stopped romantic connection, remaining good friends.
Interesting Facts
Zoe – a fan of the series “In All Grave” (Breaking Bad) and “Lost” (lost).
The actress grew up on a farm of parents in the vicinity of Los Angeles. In their huge house live horses, fish, cats, dogs and dozens of chickens. Zoe, by her confession, loves to meet the morning in the company of these yellow beautiful creatures, descending to them with a cup of coffee. In one of the interviews, the artist stated that she feels distracted outside the walls of her home and does not imagine life without her beloved red cat named Stinki Pete, drawing and hunting for vintage items.
Deutsch does a lot of fashion devotion, and critics always sing it out from the crowd of modern Hollywood stars. As noted by the actress, she is very fashionable and fondly delves into the basics of design art, just like in the cinema.
Zoey Deutsch: I have a favorite image: a baby-like dress from the 1980s, coarse shoes, and as final attributes: bright socks and costume jewelry.
Set It Up
(2017) The Year of the Spectacular Men
Flower (2017) … Erica
(2017) The Disaster Artist … Bobbi
(2017) Rebel in the Rye … Oona O’Neill
(2017) Before I Fall … Samantha Kingston
Of Dogs and Men (2016) … Lily; short film
(2016) Why Him? … Stephanie Fleming
(2016) Good Kids … Nora
(2016) Vincent N Roxxy … Kate
(2016) Everybody Wants Some !!! … Beverly
(2016) Dirty Grandpa … Shadia
(2014) Vampire Academy … Rose Hathaway
(2013) Beautiful Creatures … Emily Asher
The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
(TV, 2011) Hallelujah … Willow Turner
(TV series, 2011 – 2012) Ringer … Juliet Martin
(series, 2011 – 2017) Switched at Birth … Elisa Sawyer
Mayor Cupcake (2011) … Lana Maroni
(TV series, 2011) Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior … Blue Mask Girl
(TV series, 2008 – 2011) The Suite Life on Deck … Maya Bennett
(TV series, 2003 – …) NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service … Lauren

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