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XCOM 2 – a sequel to the famous strategy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, published in 2012 from under the wing Firaxis Games.

20 years have passed since then, both signed the act of unconditional surrender. The XCOM organization, represents the last hope of humanity in the fight against the aliens, was destroyed. Now the ball is in the world is ruled by aliens, zastraivaya neighborhood planet glittering cities and promising bright future of mankind. However, aliens coolly destroy anyone who refuses to obey the established regime.

And only on the margins of the world there is a small settlement to truly free people. Among them there are former employees of XCOM, hatched a plan to revive the organization in order to expose the invaders and destroy them once and for all.

Key features of the game:

  • Try the “Avenger” role of the transport ship’s captain, once owned by aliens, but now converted into the headquarters of XCOM.
  • Due to the open game world, you are free to decide when and where the next blow to the alien invaders will be done.
  • Five different character classes that can be the basis of your resistance group.
  • Chart development skills will help you to adapt the capabilities of soldiers under your style of gameplay.
  • I do not necessarily look for trouble, jeopardizing the entire operation. You can choose guerrilla tactics and destroy the aliens alone.
  • A wide variety of enemies to each of which needs its own tactical approach.
  • Improve your ship, building new bays and developing the existing ones in order to gain access to new weapons and armor.
  • Thanks to the advanced editor, you can create your own play scripts, character classes, and then to share the generated content with other players via Steam.
  • The competitive multiplayer mode, in which players have to fight with each other on the maps created randomly. It is noteworthy that your units can be mixed and include both humans and aliens.

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