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World Of Warcraft: Valeera Sanguinar

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Valeera Sanguinar
This blood elf refuses to take sides in the war of the Horde and Alliance, but more than once saved the life of the King of Stormwind.
Valeera Sanguinar managed to survive the attack of robbers who killed her family, but she was nowhere to go: after the attack of the undead Scourge in Quel’Thalas from the elves’ capital of its people almost nobody survived. Young Blood Elf are struggling to make ends meet until she was arrested for theft. It was then sold Regar Wrath of the earth, who made it a gladiator, as a Night Elf Druid Broll Bearmantle and orc named red armed clan Bloody Eyes. When the red armed killed in Valira and Broll joined man-warrior, who lost his memory, which later became known as Lo’Gosh, Ghost Wolf.
The three men will soon visit that Lo’Gosh actually – Varian Wrynn, the missing king of Stormwind. Gladiators decided to return to his memory and the throne, defying the black dragon Onyxia, secretly ruling the kingdom of men. On the way to Stormwind assassin he said Valeera familiar demon possessed and making it vulnerable to demonic influence.
Obsession Valeera has increased the dependence of magic, which affects all the blood elves, but she was able to exorcise a demon using the undead mage Meryl Storm Fel. She also helped Aegwynn, former Guardian of Tirisfal, which protected Azeroth by the Burning Legion. After returning the crown, King Varian offered her the post of adviser in Stormwind, and Valeera agreed, but on one condition. It is not an alliance, but only Valeera Wrynn and his son Anduin.

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