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World Of Warcraft: Taran Zhu

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Taran Zhu
Chapter Shado-Pan
Taran Zhu voglavlyaet closed Order Shado-Pan. It protects against the dangers Pandaren – external and internal.
Thousands of years of Pandaria was separated by conflict and disasters, raging across Azeroth, but it does not mean that its inhabitants did not know misery. Every hundred years they were attacked hordes mantis. Those who did not own a risked encourage dangerous spirits – sha. The only defense against these ills was Shado-Pan, a mysterious order, vigilantly guarding the land Pandaren. The leader of the Order Taran Zhu devoted his life to the preservation of balance in Pandaria, but he could not imagine that a veil of mist, the island harboring, dissipate, to the shores of pristanut ships Alliance and the Horde, and the war between these two factions will unfold in the lands of his native country. Zhu warned outsiders about the dangers that threaten the island because of their fighting. And his suspicions were justified: everywhere poured sha attracted bloody battles.
But those same strangers rushed to the aid of Zhu, when the head of the Shado-Pan became obsessed Sha of Hatred. Recovering, Zhu though with some doubts, but accepted (and even most welcome) soldiers from both sides, united with them in battle with the Lord of the Thunder and the leader Garrosh Hellscream, whose unbridled ambition threatens the destruction blossom forever dale – the sacred lands of Pandaria. Zhu and his students has yet to be seriously tested for resistance in defense of Pandaria, and it is unclear whether they will be protected and the world that lies beyond the mists.

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