WOW: Li Li Stormstout Desktop wallpapers

World Of Warcraft: Li Li Stormstout

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Li Li Stormstout
Wild dog
Li Li Stormstout – tireless wanderer with undying thirst for adventure. Her talent ever get into unimaginable alteration.
Li Li comes from a famous family of Wanton Porter, and it seems to have possessed the same sense of adventure that has captured a young man her uncle Chen. The same, but stronger. Thirst travels and discoveries made Li Li, growing under the supervision of a warrior and ruler of the earth strongman Bo, bypass all the neighborhoods of his native city, standing on the back of a huge turtle Shen-Tszyn Su, also known as wander the island. Bo was not happy with the restlessness of the Lie. However, when she ran off to find his uncle, Chen Bo promised, reluctantly, to defend it, though at first was going to return to the island of Li Li – if need be, by force.
Stories about the travels of the Lie in Kalimdor and beyond gathered and described in numerous books. Some of them have recorded very young wanderer. Perhaps the most notable result of her travels was finding Pearls Pandaria-giving visions. It is through this artifact could find Li Li Chen Violent Porter. Reunited with his uncle, Li Li for the first time got a chance to explore Pandaria; Other Pandaren are not always in awe of her society. Some call it wild dog – it is insulting nickname invented for the Pandaren to wander the island.

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