WOW: Kargath Bladefist High

World Of Warcraft: Kargath Bladefist

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Kargath Bladefist
The leader of the Shattered Hand
Unaware of the shackles of conscience and morality, Kargath administers atrocities, enjoying each caused pain.
Kargat fought for survival in the gladiatorial arena bathed in the blood of ogres of Draenor. Every day of his life brought a new meal. The continuing fighting and torture almost drove him to madness. Having lost the last vestiges of hope, Kargath smashed his own arm to free himself from the chains. His example was followed by other prisoners who are ready to make this sacrifice for the sake of freedom, and together they formed the Shattered Hand. Becoming the leader of the clan, a former slave attached to his cult of the blade, and why was nicknamed Bladefist.
Being a part of the Iron Horde Kargath and Shattered Hand enthusiastically continue to impose cruel. They were a little overcome the enemy – they want to make it beat in agony. To become a full member of the clan, orcs must always be ready to hurt both others and ourselves, to prove his prowess. Frenzied madness Shattered Hand made Kargath one of the most unpredictable Orcs leaders. Keep it in check is almost impossible if he was willing to sacrifice his hand to find freedom, imagine what fate awaits his enemies.
In Kargath and Shattered Hand do not have their own possessions, but led by the Iron Horde they erected on the peaks Arak sinister fortress – Citadel Bladefist.

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