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Woody Allen – American film director, screenwriter, actor and producer. Multiple nominee and winner of various film awards, including the winner of four awards “Oscar”. Author of several books with short humorous stories.
Born on December 1, 1935 in New York under the name Allen Stewart Konigsberg in a Jewish family. His father worked as a waiter and engraved jewelry, mother was an accountant in the family candy store. Woody Allen grew up in Brooklyn, New York and talking with his characteristic accent. Subsequently, New York will hold a special place in the work of the director. Despite his comic persona, Allen School actively interested in baseball, and thanks to the strong hands very well to it he plays. Allen also liked to impress classmates various magic and card tricks. In school years Allen nicknamed himself Woody Allen (Allen wood), and later joked on the subject when he was sent to the international summer camp, and there was severely beaten children of different races and religions. However, the true origin of the nickname likely comes from a jazz clarinetist and saxophonist Woody Herman, who was a fan of Woody Allen, by the way, perfectly playing the clarinet and later he performed at various jazz venues.
To earn money, he started writing jokes for sale in newspaper columns. At the age of seventeen years, Allen has officially changed his name to Heywood Allen (Heywood Allen). Even then, he was earning more than his parents together. After graduation, Allen enrolled at New York University, where he studied courses of communication and cinema, but because of its neprilezhnosti was soon expelled. Then he decided to devote himself completely humorous business and took a job in Herbert Schreiner, where he began to write the script. So, he soon becomes the author of scripts for popular television shows such as “The Ed Sullivan Show,” “The Tonight Show,” “Caesar’s Hour” and others. Moreover, its revenues have grown significantly, but more importantly, it was during this period formed their own literary style thanks to the Woody Allen experienced writer Danny Simon. Allen’s career as a comedian is quickly gaining momentum. Speaking in the genre of “humorous improvisation,” he often appears in many clubs and on television. In parallel, Allen writes screenplays and short stories for various publications, releasing later in the career of four collections of short stories and plays. In 1966, his play “Do not drink the water,” the film version of which came later, had made him a successful playwright on Broadway. A follow-up work, some of which he himself played definitively consolidate this success. One of the hits, the play “Play it again, Sam” was also filmed. In subsequent years, despite the success in film, Allen continued to write plays that were staged at various venues around the world.
Debut in cinema in 1965-th was the film “What’s New Pussycat?”, Which was tasked to revise the existing scenario, as well as a small role was given to Allen. In the end, thanks to his diligence film was quite successful screwball comedy, and Allen decided to try himself as a director and screenwriter in a modest project. After another small project Allen comes to the fact that he prefer to control the whole process and do as much as possible the film itself. As a result, the subsequent work of Allen is a prime example of “auteur cinema”, as he himself wrote the script, he directs and he starred in the title role of many of his films. Allen also called the creator of the genre “Intellectual comedy”. The first attempt of independent works were films “Take the Money and Run,” “Bananas,” “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask”, “Sleep”, “Love and Death.” In 1972, Woody Allen starred in the film version of his play “Play again, Sam.” And in 1977, comes the film “Annie Hall”, has received four “Oscar” in which there is a turn to more sophisticated humor and deep drama.
The next successful works are the drama “Interiors” and “Manhattan.” Woody Allen has always surprised its fruitfulness, and in the movie of his work follow one another. In the 80s, he further goes to a combination of tragic and comic elements. For example, the film “Hannah and Her Sisters” receives “Oscar” three awards. In the 90 Allen lot of experimenting with different styles, showing their literary and cinematic erudition. During this period, the release of “Husbands and Wives,” “Bullets Over Broadway,” “Everyone Says I Love You,” “Sweet and Lowdown.” Early 2000s too were asked in the work of Woody Allen, but in the 2005th is a film “Match Point,” which became one of the most successful of his films in the last ten years. Later, in London, had to take off the tape “Sensation” and “Cassandra’s Dream”. After noting that the United States was difficult to shoot good little picture, Woody Allen moved to Spain, where he removes the “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, following the successful work was “Midnight in Paris.” It is worth noting that Allen usually does not include the films in the competitive program of film festivals. It also does not attend the award ceremony and the prize “Oscar”.

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