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At the mention of the word strawberry we all have an association with a bright red sweet fragrant berries. In principle, all right, but some have not so clear. Today, strawberries are no longer the undisputed synonym for red – on the market, and hence in the gardens there was a juicy, fragrant, but it is absolutely … white strawberries. And that’s not it our today’s conversation.
How to become a white strawberry white?
If you refer to the global network, you will know that today there are so-called pineapple (pineapple sometimes) strawberries, ie the berries have a bright burnt taste of tropical fruit – pineapple. But more about that later, but first need to understand why the strawberry is white. Her traditional red “colleagues” during the ripening of fruits, which are initially green, the work of special proteins come Fra a1 or Fragaria allergen 1, which leads to redness berries. White strawberry or partially or totally deprived of the protein that provides a white color, and after ripening. That is, the inability of the white strawberry blush lies at the genetic level.
The most popular varieties white strawberry
Anablanka. Recently, the French breeders bred variety. More visually similar to strawberries. On the bushes hanging is not very large berry weight of 5-8 g, however, a lot of fruit. Bushes compact size that allows the use of land sealed manner, which means that with a dedicated area to get rich harvest. The fruits are white juicy sweet flesh strewn on top of appetizing red seeds. Have a pleasant aroma with hints of pineapple. For maturation needed to direct sunlight, but the berries can acquire a light pink hue. When multiple inclusions of red fruits are considered ripe. Plants and fruits are characterized by high resistance to pests and diseases. According to many gardeners it Anablanka – the best sort of white strawberries.
White Swede. It is believed large fruit varieties – the weight of the fruit with the correct conical shape reaches 20-25, they have a delicate pink hue, and the flesh has a sweet-sour taste and aroma of wild strawberries. Among the advantages is worth noting resistance to disease foliage.
Pineberry. Originally from the Netherlands. Obtained by crossing Virginia and Chilean strawberries. Flesh color can vary from pure white to orange. Taste qualities are very similar to the pineapple pulp, and the texture of the flesh is identical to the traditional strawberries. The variety is resistant to the most common diseases. Fruits pineberry small size – a diameter of 15-23 mm. Immature berries are green, and in the process of maturation become white. When the characteristic dark red fruit inclusions can be considered ripe.
White soul. It features high yield, but refers to the small-fruited varieties. Ripe berries are creamy-white shade. The author is a Dutch variety breeder Hans de Jong. Fruiting from early spring to late autumn. One bush gives an average of 0.5 kg of sweet fruit with pineapple flavor.

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