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Birthday: 05.08.1932 year
Place of birth: Brighton , UK
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Mother Of Benedict Cumberbatch
In April 2014 Ventham appeared in a special issue of the magazine ‘People’ called ‘the Most beautiful people in the world’.
Bentham became most famous for her role of Virginia lake in the sci-Fi television series of the 1970s ‘UFO’ (‘UFO) and Pamela Perry, mother of Cassandra Trotter in the sitcom ‘only Fools and horses’ (‘Only Fools and Horses’). Ventham can also be seen in two episodes of ‘the Holy’ (‘The Saint’) with Roger Moore (Roger Moore).
Wanda Ventham was born on 5 August 1935 in Brighton, the seaside resort in East Sussex, England (Brighton, East Sussex, England). Her parents, Gladys Frances (nee Holten) and Frederick Howard Ventham.
Initially, Wanda chased a dream to become an artist and attended art school for one year. During school holidays the aspiring actress has worked in theatre, Connaught Theatre — Worthing (Worthing), in the position of graphic designer.
Is a theatrical situation has led Bentham to quit art school and start learning the acting craft. Wanda entered the Central school of speech and stage drama, where he studied with Judi Dench (Judi Dench) and graduated in 1996.
His first role in a feature film Ventham played in the drama ‘My Teenage Daughter’ 1956, featuring Anna Neagle (Anna Neagle) and Sylvia Sims (Sylvia Syms). The actress starred in the Comedy ‘way to go, Cleo!’ (‘Carry On Cleo’) of 1964 and received a role in the adventure Comedy film ‘keep… Up Chibero’ (‘Carry On… Up the Khyber’), 1968.
Ventham, along with Mark Burns, became a major star crime detective Frederic Goode ‘Death is a Woman’ 1996. The greatest recognition came to the actress after starring in the cult TV series ‘UFO’, where she played Colonel Virginia lake, the Deputy commander ed Straker, the role of which went to ed Bishop (Ed Bishop).
Constantly getting approval for filming in TV programmes, Wanda was played by Fiona Weston in the TV series ‘Heartbeat’ (‘Heartbeat’), Margaret Balshaw in the series ‘Investigation Hattie Wainthropp’ (‘Hetty Wainthropp Investigates’) and Shirley in the series ‘Trade Craig’ (‘The Rag Trade’). Ventham also agreed on the role of beryl, passions Arthur Daley in the TV series ‘the Mechanic’ (‘Minder’); the role of the mother Suzanne in the series ‘six Love’ (‘Coupling’) and mother Deborah in the series ‘Wretch’ (‘Men Behaving Badly’).
Ventham played a major role in the series ‘The Lotus Eaters’ 1972-1973, which consisted of 15 episodes; the other star of the project was Ian Hendry (Ian Hendry). On the rights of the invited guest Wanda appeared in the sketch show ‘Rutland Weekend Television’, the scripts for which were written Eric Idle (Eric Idle).
Almost immediately after the filming of the episode ‘a Dangerous man’ (‘Danger Man’) Bentham was in ensemble cast of ‘allegorical spy’ series Patrick Mukhwana (Patrick McGoohan) ‘Prisoner’ (‘The Prisoner’). Then the actress starred in the sitcoms Executive Stress’ and ‘Next of Kin’ and has appeared in Comedy sketch show ‘Two Ronnie’s’ (‘The Two Ronnies’).
For three decades Wanda was involved in three of the cult British TV series ‘Doctor Who’ (‘Doctor Who’). In the show she played the role of Jean Rock in the episode ‘Faceless’ (‘The Faceless Ones’) 1967, Thea Ransome in the episode ‘the Way Pendula’ (‘Image of the Fendahl’) 1977 and Varun in the episode ‘Time and the Rani’ (‘Time and the Rani’), 1987. Together with Dennis Lilla (Denis Lill), with whom the actress was involved in the episode ‘the Way Pendula’, Bentham later played in the sitcom ‘only Fools and horses’.
In 2014 Ventham and her husband Timothy Carlton (Timothy Carlton) played the parents of the famous London private detective Sherlock Holmes in the popular BBC series ‘Sherlock’ (‘Sherlock’). Starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Benedict Cumberbatch), is not only ‘soft’, but a real son of Wanda and Timothy.
In the series ‘Holby city’ (‘City Opens’), the actress plays the role of a patient’s hospital Myrtle McKee, leading a double life. Wanda starred in the Comedy ‘Cabbage war, Mrs Caldicot’ (‘Mrs Caldicot”s Cabbage War’), played a girl on the bus in the Comedy ‘the Husband of two wives’ (‘Run for Your Wife’) and recently played in the crime Comedy ‘Simply amazing’ (‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’).
Wanda married James Tabernacle in 1957. marriage was born one daughter, Tracy Tabernacle. The couple developed on 12 November 1974. The relationship between Wanda and actor Timothy Carlton began in 1970, during the filming of the drama series ‘Family feud’ (‘A Family at War’). They were married in April 1976.
In addition to joint surveys with the son in the TV series ‘Sherlock’, Wanda and Timothy played together in the series ‘The Lotus Eaters’ in 1973.

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