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Volkswagen Tiguan 2

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An overview of the model New Tiguan 2016
At the end of last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show Volkswagen has presented the new generation Tiguan model. the previous generation of cars broke the world in the amount of more than 2600000 units. The new generation will present to the public consideration in March 2016 during the next Geneva International Motor Show. But in May this year, we will meet the new Tiguan in Ukraine.
Outside the car in a new body received significantly restyled exterior with sharper edges, massive contours of the body and a new interior design. crossover design has become sharper and more aggressive. In general, the shape remained recognizable, but was more solid, modern and sporty.
The new body Volkswagen Tiguan 2016-2017, compared to its predecessor, became a bit longer and wider. Dimensions of the new model make 4486 (60) x 1839 (30) x 1670 (-33) mm. Wheelbase Tiguan second generation increased to 2681 (77) mm. The cost of these changes failed to achieve more space for the driver and passengers as well as luggage. For instance, VW Tiguan in the new body will offer an additional 29 mm of legroom back sofa inhabitants, and at the order of the second row seats with longitudinal adjustment function it is possible to change the position of the seats in the range of 180 mm, giving preference to any expanse of passengers or luggage. By the way, the volume of the luggage compartment of the new crossover is increased to 145 liters: 615 liters in the normal position, and 1655 liters with the rear seats folded!
Technical specifications and engines.
The main good news is that the changes in the technical characteristics did not affect the patency of the German crossover 2016 model year. The ground clearance of the new model is increased to 200 (11) mm, and the angle of entry added from 18.3 to 25.6 degrees. Departure angle Tiguan 2016 remained unchanged and remains at 24.7 degrees for all versions, without exception. In order to transmit torque to the rear wheels in the technical specifications of the new Volkswagen is listed fifth generation Haldex clutch with increased speed.
The new Tiguan 2017 is available with a new generation of engines. The petrol range is represented by a ruler TSI engines. The combination of turbocharging, moderate displacement and direct injection provides the harmony between the consumption of fuel and power. Diesel engines are a family of TDI with Common Rail direct injection system, characterized by high torque, exemplary efficiency and extremely quiet operation.
Powertrain models have become even more powerful and, despite this, almost 24% more economical. The new Tiguan will be available in three traditional trim: Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. Ukrainian clients the following list of configurations TSI turbo petrol and diesel TDI will be available:
1.4 l. TSI 150 hp with a 6-speed manual gearbox or 6-speed automatic transmission with double clutch DSG
1.4 l. TSI 150 hp with 4Motion all-wheel drive system and six-speed manual gearbox or 6-speed automatic transmission with double clutch DSG
2.0 l. TSI 180 hp with 4Motion all-wheel drive system and six-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch DSG
2.0 l. TSI 220 hp with 4Motion all-wheel drive system and a 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch DSG
2.0 l. TDI 115 hp with a 6-speed manual transmission
2.0 l. TDI 150 hp with a 6-speed manual gearbox and a 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch DSG
2.0 l. TDI 150 hp with 4Motion all-wheel drive system and six-speed manual gearbox and a 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch DSG
2.0 l. TDI 190 hp with 4Motion all-wheel drive system and a 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch DSG
2.0 l. BiTurbo TDI 240 hp with 4Motion all-wheel drive system and a 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch DSG
platform Update
Create a variety of body 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan (standard, extended seven-seater (based on Asian and American buyer), code name CrossBlue; coupé) allowed modular MQB platform. Prior to that, based on it have already been arranged popular models of the last generation of auto holding. Transverse engine allows you to change the layout significantly. In particular the front wheel axis is moved to the bow. Also new design provides a significant gain in weight, despite the increase in size.
LED headlights and taillights.
LED lights of the new Tiguan 2017 improves visibility at night and in fog. In addition, they consume less power and have a long service life. The highlight of the new optics is a proprietary light style. During braking, the rear lights at night turn into a work of art. Therefore, it is not only an effective means of signaling on the road, but also a unique feature of the new Tiguan.
The vehicle interior significantly redesigned. Changes were shaped console, dashboard and air vents. We used a new range of colors: brown dark and light tones in combination with plastic panels imitating wood inserts, create a common bright interior background. Small parts chrome emphasize modern dynamic style. The parking brake lever replaced the button of the electronic system.
Active Info Display. High definition. High information.
Do not even look familiar speedometer in the new Tiguan: its place is now a modern display with a diagonal of 31.2 cm This Active Info Display from Volkswagen.. In addition to the usual information, including the tachometer, speedometer and odometer, it reflects a lot of useful information. For example, in navigation mode, speedometer and tachometer diverge near the edges, freeing the space for the card. And the information supporting functions can be conveniently placed in the center of the dial. Besides Active Info Display synchronized with other onboard systems. On it you can display information displayed on the screen of the multimedia system, in particular the contacts phone book or CD cover.
Analogue dials the first generation models replaced the digital instrument panel with 12.3-inch screen. In addition, the crossover will be offered with a projection screen, which appeared on the first Volkswagen SUVs, and “the biggest in the class” glass roof. The list of optional equipment will also include a heated steering wheel, seats with massage, circular view and control system “dead” zones, adaptive cruise control, contactless trunk opening function (for this you need to hold foot under the bumper).
4MOTION Active Control.Bilshe impressions. In each trip.
The powerful engine of the new Tiguan will pull anywhere, and 4MOTION Active Control System will give great emotions thanks to several wheel-drive modes for different driving conditions. Individual profiles for specific coverage and your needs: a slight movement of the selector you choose how to achieve the goal. The optional 4MOTION Active Control offers four modes for a variety of road and weather conditions: gentle for maximum fuel economy, normal and comfort modes, as well as a sports mode for a dynamic drive. In addition, you can create an individual profile for each mode: optimum handling on asphalt, the optimal profile for snowy and icy roads, the optimal profile for the conquest of lifts and slopes on the roads and an individual profile for off-road.
Indifferent to the vagaries of weather. Everywhere. The new Tiguan 2016 expands the boundaries of the familiar – even on difficult terrain. Thanks to all-wheel drive 4MOTION Upenu he overcomes all obstacles. Therefore, he will reach not just far away and very far away.
Head-up display.
The road is always before his eyes. And not only this. Everything in the field of view, the view does not need to take off the road. With the help of a button on the dashboard rises Head-up display, which reflects all the important information about the speed, navigation data, and road signs. Through the projection display, the driver can also constantly look upon the current speed, the display of electronic assistants, navigation tips and other important information.
Lighting Ambiente.
There are so many interesting things … especially at night. Ambiente creates a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in the cabin. LEDs illuminate the door handles, decorative inserts, sill, legroom and other interior areas. Light intensity can be adjusted via the media system interface.
Panoramic sunroof with amazing illumination.
Step to the stars. The huge panoramic sunroof fills the interior with bright light, creating an exciting feeling of space. The front glass section is shifted, raised and lowered electrically. If the stars and city lights had gone out, turn on the lighting comfort thanks to the package interior Ambiente.
Features of the new Tiguan and the assistant driver.
High quality. Up to the last detail. Numerous electronic driver assistance, advanced technology and comprehensive capabilities to connect to the Internet and the integration of smartphones – it’s incredible potential for new adventures, and even in complete safety and comfort.
Thanks to intelligent technology and electronic driver assistance new Tiguan will take care of security in critical situations. All for the sake of your confidence and balance.
Area View – wide view in all directions. Optional Area View system displays the media system of 12 different species around the vehicle to support the driver in almost every driving situation.
Lane Assist – I am confident on the roads. Quiet on the highway. The new Tiguan is really striking on the roads, but also confidently holds the band on the road. Lane Assist system recognizes an unintended cross section of road markings at a speed of 65 km / h. Electronic Assistants actively help keep the car within the lane.
Trailer Assist – always one step ahead, even in the parking lot. Thanks to the optional system Trailer Assist maneuvering with a trailer of up to 2,500 kg, will not cause any problems. The driver can only press on the brake pedal and the accelerator and, of course, be careful.
Easy Open.
Thanks to the Easy Open enjoyable trip begins even before its start. Gravity can be loaded without the annoying trouble with the key, because the trunk is opened by a simple movement of the legs under the rear bumper. With the key in your pocket, you can open the trunk of a short leg motion under the rear bumper. Inside waiting for you to 615 liters useful volume. With a few simple movements of the rear seat backrests can increase the luggage space to 1655 liters.
Everywhere at home. In connection with the world. Do you want in the way you feel at home? The new Tiguan will make every trip easier, more comfortable and more interesting. In addition to online services, you can use mobile applications via an integrated interface for smartphones.
Start of sales
It is expected that European sales of the second generation Volkswagen Tiguan crossover 2016-2017 will begin in the spring of 2016.

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