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Vittorio Gassman

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Birthday: 01.09.1922 year
Age: 77 years
Place of birth: Genoa, Liguria, Italy
Date of death: 26.06.2000 year
Place of death: Rome, Italy
Citizenship: Italy
Height: 187 cm
After the first movie, it was called “Matador”. Why – after so many years, no one remembers. But you can guess: aquiline nose, eagle eyes, risky in nature.
Vittorio Gassman, the son of an Austrian and an Italian in his early career was exclusively as a theater actor and without a miss was to thrust the swords into the hearts of discerning audiences. In 1946 muleta (in our opinion- a red rag) “the Matador” was hoisted in front of the eye camera. For the first 10 years – two dozen paintings, which he called “monstrous, with the exception of two or three.” Among the happy exceptions hit and a masterpiece of De Santis’s “Bitter rice”. Surname Gassman screws screw plate with the inscription: “the Fatal man”. Then on the actor had his eye Hollywood, where at that time was a real hunt for European stars. “Matador” went overseas and immediately took the bull by the horns. Successfully played an insidious tempters in several films; the most tempting was Anatole Kuragin in the film adaptation of “War and peace” by king Vidor of.
But soon distraught: tired of the concrete jungle of America. Gassman returned to Italy. He easily pulled have not had time to rust the screws and of the hero-lover has turned into a hero “Comedy of manners in Italian” – with all its weaknesses, sins, and complexes.
Not all of his short life (the actor died in June 2000), Gassman never ceased to tease the geese, that is, excuse me, bulls. Always presented criticism surprises: she is confused definitions of his talent. Gassmana was called the “great psychologist” (after “We so loved each other”), “amazing lyricist” (after “Scent of a woman”). Not a weak actor al Pacino, who starred in the Hollywood remake of the film, admitted that most of all was afraid of the inevitable, and not in their favor, comparisons with Gassmann. And the highest award for him was not “Oscar”, and the words of the Maestro: “I’m proud that you’re Italian, son!”

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