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Full name Victoria Beckham
Born April 17, 1974
Birthplace of Hertfordshire, UK
Height 165 cm
Weight 45 kg
Biography Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham, nee Adams, was born in a fairly wealthy British family. Because of this, classmates often teased bogachki Adams and rarely took it into their games out of envy. In addition, as a youth in Victoria it was a bad skin on the face, which became an additional reason for mockery. Therefore, home alone girl organize this show, where she was the star of the beloved, she changed clothes and hairstyles, and sang photographed.
Finding himself in the work, Victoria studied ballet. Having secondary education, Victoria listened to a three-year course at Lanie Arts Theatre. Special talents future star did not shine, but the teachers have noted the zeal and diligence of a girl of her hard work. It uporsvo helped Victoria during endless fruitless castings and auditions. Adams dreamed of a career model or actress and did not intend to give up.
Victoria has a brother Christian and sister Louise.
Star Trek Victoria
His Star Trek Victoria Beckham started as a singer, and in such a famous and popular group, like Spice Girls. Becoming one of peppercorns in 1994, Victoria got the nickname Posh Spice (elegant spice) and the title of the most stylish member of the group. As part of the Spice Girls Victoria took part in the recording of two albums the team – Spiceworld and Forever. Critics have repeatedly noted the weak vocal and artistic details of the girl. However, it is destined to overtake the rest of the “peppercorns” of popularity and success.
After the collapse of girly band Beckham in 2000, he recorded his debut solo album Victoria Beckham, who, however, did not bring the success of its creator. In 2002, the singer recorded the album Open Your Eyes, but he does not dare to run it in the mass market.
After this bad experience Victoria vocal career was over. Victoria finally breaks with the past, like a real woman – radically changing the hairstyle. She says goodbye to long graft strands and sets the fashion for short bob. This haircut in Victoria interpreting poluaet name Pob, short for Posh’s bob. So the ex-singer began its journey the most famous trendsetter planet.
In 2007, the group Spice Girls re-teaming for a world tour and release a disc The Greatest Hits. A good singer Victoria did not become, but her looks and outfits in which she appears during performances captivate the audience and make it the most spectacular among the former bandmates. At this point, Beckham clearly aware that finished with a musical career, but it is full of strength and determination to try his hand at something that she can. Of course, fashion.
She designs a line of jeans Rock & Republic and creates its own brand clothing. Beckham has also released its own line of glasses, bags, jewelry and fragrance Samantha Thavasa. In 2009-2010, the Victoria Beckham collection was recognized as one of the best at Fashion Week in New York.
Beckham does not get tired itself a declaration of love for fashion and give fashion advice to girls. For example, any way, according to Victoria, it is necessary to create a laundry, money should be invested in the ever-topical classics and luxury accessories, to arrange shopping trips to Japan and New York.
In addition, Victoria tried her hand in the literature. Her first literary experience was the book Learning to fly, was published in 2001. And in 2006 there was already a second book entitled That Extra Half an Inch: hair, heels and everything in between. Both books have become bestsellers and have broken sales records, only strengthen the popularity of its author. By the way, Victoria Beckham’s growth is 165 cm.
Life Victoria Beckham
Life Victoria Beckham, fortunately, as successful as her career. For a long time, Victoria is married to one of the most desirable men of the planet – soccer player David Beckham. Elegant wedding ceremony took place on July 4, 1999 in the Irish Lattrelstoun castle.
With a light hand of the wife, Victoria Beckham’s husband became the main metrosexual and heartthrob of the world. Victoria realizes that the creation of her own hands came out very successful. Therefore, not rolls scenes of jealousy. She even prepared a close eye on her husband’s accidental connection on the side.
Married at this happy couple had three sons: Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo and Cruz. At present, the whole family lives in Los Angeles due to the contract concluded with the head of the family club “Galaxy”. July 10, 2011 Victoria has finally given birth to a daughter who was named Harper Seven. Now Victoria is the successor, which will get all the luxurious outfits very chic “peppercorn”.

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