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Tommy Lee Jones (Tommy Lee Jones) – American actor and director. Winner of the “Oscar” and “Golden Globe”. Audiences will remember him for the films “The Fugitive,” “The servants of the law,” “Men in Black”, “Old Men” and “Under Siege”.
Born September 15, 1946 in Texas. His father was an oilman, and his mother has changed a number of professions and at one time was a police officer and a school teacher. Tommy’s childhood was difficult from an emotional point of view: parents divorced when he was a child. One of the biggest interests of the future of the actor at the time was American football. Through its sporting success, he even received a scholarship to Harvard, where he studied at the Faculty of English Language and Literature and studied acting.
During his studies, he continued to make progress in football. But after graduation, still I decided to become an actor, which went to live in New York. Already at Harvard Tommy successfully participated in student theater. He was lucky: he was quick enough at the new location first role, which saw him after the performance and was invited to participate in various theater productions and TV projects. In 1970, he dropped out and the first film role he played in the drama “Love Story.” But the following years acting career Jones almost did not develop. He was battered for a long time only a minor role, in connection with which the actor has decided to try his luck in Hollywood and moved to Los Angeles. There he noted in an episode of “Charlie’s Angels,” and soon he starred in the movie “Jackson County Jail.” Career took off, and thanks to his outstanding abilities and specific appearance, Tommy has already appeared some reputation. Soon followed by roles in films such as the thriller “Eyes of Laura Mars,” the crime drama “The Executioner’s Song”, a fantastic thriller “Rise” Black Moon “melodrama” Chicago Blues “crime drama” Stormy Monday “and the historical film by Oliver Stone,” John F. Kennedy: Shots in Dallas. ”
But a still greater triumph was waiting for Jones after the screens in 1993 of an action drama “The Fugitive.” For his role in this film, he was awarded the “Oscar” and “Golden Globe”. Becoming a winner of such honorary awards, Jones began to steadily withdraw from eminent filmmakers in the film “Bomb Squad” by Stephen Hopkins, “Customer” Joel Schumacher’s “Natural Born Killers,” Oliver Stone, as well as starred in big-budget films “Volcano” and “Batman Forever.” In 1997, Tommy came to an unprecedented global fame thanks to the popularity of “Men in Black” fantastic tape, in which he played a key role in a pair with Will Smith. In 2002 it was released the second part of the film, and ten years later, and the third. In addition, at that time, Tommy Lee Jones starred in such films as “servants of the law,” “Double Jeopardy,” “Rules of Engagement,” “Space Cowboys,” “The Hunted,” “Man of the House”, “Companion”, ” In the valley of Elah, “for which he was nominated for” Oscar “and” Old Men. ” Among the last works of the actor can be noted melodrama “Hope Springs” and the blockbuster movie “The First Avenger”.
Tommy Lee Jones also dabbled as a director and producer. Free time shooting it spends on its own Texas ranch, near the place where he was born. There he engaged in gardening, breeds cattle and horses for polo.

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