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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

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Multiplayer shooter released regularly, and lovers of fast, slow, large-scale or “compact” games can find a project in which they will be nice to shoot an evening or two. But fans of shooters, in which the first place there is not the ability to shoot, and the tactics in one form or another, are forced to sit “on short rations” due to the lack of this type of games. You could even say that the outlet for these gamers have been playing with Tom Clancy’s in the name – and today, after the release of a new project in this series, Rainbow Six Siege, they can get a good portion of tactical action.
However, before the game there were some doubts as to whether that would be a worthy successor Siege series. For me, the main fact that just knocked out of the rut and almost put an end to all hopes, was the lack of a single-component. That’s because I remember the series since the very first Rainbow Six, and there was a very cool “trick” in the form of the possibility to manually set the map routes for each team, place points of interest and action, and then run the “action” and, together with running like clockwork team to perform tasks. This plan, when you replayed 20 times each mission to perfectly fly around the level, no one lost, and without spending a single extra second was for me almost the main source of fun in the project, but unfortunately over time, this “feature “I was lost. I would also like to see, and something like a campaign to another tactical project, the SWAT 4, which is also well known to our players. Therefore, the decision of developers abandoned in favor of a pure multiplayer away from it all looked, frankly, is not so attractive.
But the creators of R6 Siege – not the people who make games on the knee, but serious developers, with all responsibility coming up to the process of implementation is not the most simple ideas. As a result, we’ve all seen a lot of phases of beta testing, polishing, working on a project to eventually release a game that will not fail at the start and at the same time around which has formed its key audience, thanks to which all the inherent ideas will be developed further.
Rainbow Six Siege offers players three modes to choose from. The first of these situations is a chain of training trials, which will prepare for what will be in the game on. And if the usual tutorial shooters we try to skip to save time – in this project should be trained. It does not lead us by the hand, and simply demonstrates the variety of situations that are implemented in multi-user mode, and the player is invited to pass episode and thus perform a number of some additional conditions for which will be awarded virtual currency. Why it’s important we talk a little further.
Hunting Mode on terrorists – a kind of replacement of a single campaign. Rather, it’s co-op mode for the battle against the computer opponent. You can choose the difficulty level, the team is allowed to pick up or to fight alone, and then the game itself will generate an “obstacle course”, which can be overcome.
The basic mode is, of course, multiplayer. He invites us to start a casual multiplayer game or the rank game. However, to get access to the latest, you must first login to pump up to level 20, and it is not so fast.
The essence of multiplayer battles is very simple – there is a certain place where the battle is carried out. There is a fight in the «Best of 5″ (ie 3 wins) format. And teams of 5 players take turns to play defensively and offensively. The winner is the team that wins 3 rounds (you can not even running).
The defending team has a number of tools that will help make defense more comfortable. The map was originally placed cameras allow to monitor the enemy. You can barricade passages, undermining them or use barbed wire to slow the advance of the enemy. And this team always knows where the next battle will be – so they need to sit or put on a round of time or shoot forwards, and they are always in a better position at the start of the fight, but constrained in their movements on the map.
Attacking before the round is prepared by the intelligence “machine” that allows to inspect the barricades and at the same time to find out where someone sat down. And then the fun begins – the destruction of the fortifications, the intelligence operations against the enemy, shooting in the confined space, the attack in the window format “like a movie” and other spectacular things that are perceived and excellent, and very high quality look.
Even more interesting is that the developers have made interesting and different “characters” for the player, which is called an operator. At first we were given access only to the standard soldier, but having saved game currency, we can buy one of 4 characters for each of the 5 intelligence services, represented in the game. 2 of them attack, 2 for protection. Each operator offers a variety of unique features that change the behavior in combat – one puts his hands and did not break through conventional bullets strengthen the other connects to the current metal trap, the third “see” through walls, the fourth suppresses within a certain radius around him signals.
Also, each character can be separately pumped – his arms open at once, but the various modules of camouflage for him and have purchased separately, so that will need to farm, and to get all the characters and all the interesting “buns” for them.
But not everything can be bought in-game currency. Developers not only have connected the cash shop, where there is an opportunity to save yourself time, “Pharma” and bought for real money, and immediately sell it to camouflage weapons, which otherwise does not get in the game. This is – the most annoying part of the game, which although does not affect gameplay, but still makes feel uncomfortable from the fact that the fee and not the budget game you need something else to open separately for dopolnitelnoye and real money.
While it is understandable why it is – a payment for future free updates and maps, as well as for the opportunity to receive future game content in the face 8 Operators in-game currency.
Seasonal pass in this game does not open access to new maps, as in other games, but will open immediately all 8 new operators and will provide various bonuses, including unique game skins.
As for the gameplay as a whole, now it pleases. Thanks to numerous betam in the game most of the gamers understand what is required of them, and those who spoil the game all around and poisons any match, as often happens in the same the CoD, almost none. But there are those who are willing to help, tell and explain – and every fight looks like the developers conceived. This is an interesting confrontation between two teams that use different all available in-game extensive arsenal of tools and weapons. Play, simply put, it is interesting.
There remain some concerns about the fact that some players simply tired of the monotonous gameplay that offers Siege. But to think that anything you do not want – let’s see, how often will delight us with new content and how many players will continue to play a couple of weeks of active combat. While no particular cause for concern for the future is no game.
Visually, the game looks modern and pleasing picture quality. The engine is well optimized and working on our PC with a processor i5 3870, 16 Gb RAM and video card GeForce GTX 780Ti game keeps stable 90 frames per second at maximum settings. By the way, I do not recommend a double vertical sync, because we play it switches to 30 fps mode and shootings are totally uncomfortable.
We would like to say about the developer attention to the various little things, which is crammed with the game. All content that is, is made on a qualitative level, starting from different weapons and ending videos for each operator.
Despite my positive attitude Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege can not say that this is a game for everyone. This specific multiplayer shooter that will attract those who want to participate in team battles where strategy is often more important than the ability to shoot accurately at any moving target. If you are waiting for just such a game – you are sure to enjoy. If not – find the alternative is not so difficult.

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