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Tichina Arnold

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Tichina Arnold born 28 Jun 1971 in Queens the city of new York, United States of America. One of the first roles was the role of a young saleswoman in the sitcom “Martin” on FOX, where she made her debut as a serious actress. Could play shoulder to shoulder with the actor Martin Lawrence, who recommended her in the future, a couple of other Directors as the young and maturing talent.
The young actress’s career began at the age of eleven with the setting of “nobody knows Me”. It was the first game experience on the big stage in the light of the cameras, floodlights and a large spectator audience. Nobody thought that this could happen, including even the parents. In the film “All my children”, she played the nurse why and had to practice medicine in anticipation of this project for two and a half years. She wanted to get a degree while studying the case of nurse midwives, but had to leave for shooting and for more than two years she studied at the College education which was paid in full the movie Studio.
Later in 2001, she received an invitation to play an actress of the first plan Ashton Kachera in the movie “Setup”. On the show, Jimmy invited her myself leading, and that has opened a new star upon completion of filming another movie, in which this time Tichina played the main role in the film “Fight”, which earned her two Oscars.
In 1991, the actress participated in the project “Scenes in store” during their recovery. Managed to replenish its portfolio of game sitcom on the family theme. The family of the actress have been varied. The husband she met at school, married and had a baby. As soon as the actor’s life fascinated her completely, she forgot about her husband and fell in love with another man later they married, after she divorced her first husband and took his child. It left a big negative mark in her career and was the second divorce with her second husband, who considered her his eternal love and wanted children by her. How would the life of today’s youth, but they all fall under the statistics. So under the statistics and got our sweethearts, though, and very sad.
In 2000, Arnold starred in the cult Comedy “Big momma’s House” where he played the role of the girlfriend of a COP who pretended to like big momma in order to catch criminals. The film was released on screens of the country and the world learned about the actress, how about a new emerging talent. First, it was only known to its origin and then found out about the facts. Excellent student, athlete, and just clever and beautiful, American by nature. Loves freedom, what it is difficult to reproach and what it actually is proud of to this day. Currently, the actress is trying out a modeling Agency plays different roles in movies and starred in commercials, paying part of the fee children and orphans funds development of society. She had once learned about what is pain and suffering, and now she wants and simply wants to help the world on this controversial and very important issue.

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