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Tarsier, a small animal, living in the Malay Archipelago, the islands
Southeast Asia and the Philippines. Tarsier can not remain indifferent, especially those who are not indifferent to the wild. It is unique, very few people on it similar to, his eyes are always surprised look.
She finds refuge in the jungle tarsier, and thickets of bamboo. Fur his thick, gray-brown color. Zverushka very timid, and it is not strange, because the local population consumes this kind, it serves them a meal.
body structure
Weight tarsiers reaches from 70 to 150 grams. The body has a length of 8 to 16 cm. It has a tail length 13-27 cm, without a coat, with a brush on the end. Strong body, small neck, large head, long limbs, forelimbs shorter than hind legs. The muzzle is round with large rounded ears, sensitivity to sound, without a covering of fur.
Little tip. Huge eyes, motionless, with increasing dismay. Since the tarsier is nocturnal, eyes must have good sensitivity, perhaps even why they are so big.
Unlike the eye, the neck is movable and has the ability to rotate about 360 degrees, it provides good extensive overview privileges as pupils still. Eye can reach 20 cm in diameter, eye orbit via bone is protected, with one eye over his brain.
Widish mouth, feeling that he was smiling slightly. The front incisors are large, similar to the teeth of primates-steel-fine.
Paws in tarsiers thick and longish. Are allocated thin long fingers, with the seal at the tips, with small claws. The front legs like a human hand. Unlike other primates, tarsier wonderful, better than all the trees kept upright by a thickening-pads on the fingers. With regard to the hind legs, they are characterized by an elongation at foot heel. When there is a jump wonderful support, the jump can reach 250 cm long, 175 cm height -in. If a closer look at this point, we can understand how it is possible to: at the time of the jump, he pulls the legs, like a frog.
Tarsiers live in pairs or small groups. During the day hiding in the hollows and crevices, rarely-caught paws on the branch. So he takes rest or sleep, but the night-hunting. On the ground, he did not go down.
what feeds
It feeds on insects and small vertebrates. Favorite delicacy-Cricket. Masquerading under the branches, looking out for the victim to see her jump immediately grabs the prey, then he bites her, and only then eat. Between themselves, tarsiers are able to talk sounds like a whistle.
Pregnancy in females lasts 6 months. Born a baby dressed in fur, with open eyes and seeing. Weight about 24-25 grams, mouth-70mm. Tail length up to 115 mm. In the newborn has claws, he grabs them for my mother’s warm belly. Feeding milk. After the birth, three days later, the baby already can move. Mom carries his teeth, holding the scruff of the neck. Within 20 days, the baby becomes more independent. Other residents of the group take part in the upbringing of the baby and to help parents feed him, bring food.
Lifespan tarsier in the wild about 10 years. Tarsiers are listed in the Red Book ..

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