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Stannis Baratheon from “The Game of Thrones”
For the broad masses of viewers, Stephen Dillane is known for his roles in film and television – so, many of his Stannis from the adaptation of the popular fantasy saga George Martin ‘The Game of Thrones’ was remembered. In fact, where much success Stephen has achieved in the theatrical stage – he managed to play many successful roles and even get a ‘Tony’ award.
He is most known for the role of Stannis Baratheon in the series ‘Game of Thrones’ and roles in the films ‘The Hours’, the mini-series ‘John Adams’ And the film ‘Goal!’ (‘Goal!’). Laureate of the Tony Award.
Dillane was born in Kensington, London, in the family of Australian surgeon John Dillane and his wife, Englishwoman Bridget. Stephen was not the only child in the family – his younger brother Richard (Richard) also became an actor. For some time Stephen studied history and political science at the University of Exeter (University of Exeter); Later he worked as a journalist for a while in the ‘Croydon Advertiser’. The journalist’s career, alas, Dillain categorically did not suit; The quest for a new vocation was inspired by the story of Trevor Eve (Trevor Eve), at one time for the sake of the acting game that threw the architecture.
Inspired by the biography of Willow, Stephen decided to follow in his footsteps and found a job at the theatrical school of the Old Vic Theater in Bristol. At the very beginning of his acting career Stephen acted under the surname ‘Dillon’ (Stephen Dillon), but later – in the 90’s – returned to his real name.
As a theater actor, Dillayn did well; Especially his roles in ‘The Beaux’ Stratagem ‘,’ Angels in America ‘,’ Hamlet ‘(‘ Endgame ‘),’ Uncle Vanya ‘,’ The Coast of Utopia ‘(‘ The Coast of Utopia ‘, a solo performance of’ Macbeth ‘and the production of Tom Stoppard’s’ The Real Thing’. The latter role brought Stephen in the 2000th Tony Award.
One of Dillain’s most successful films has long been considered – and to this day is considered – the role of Horatio in 1990’s adaptation of Hamlet, with Mel Gibson starring Mel Gibson.
In 1997, Stephen played Michael Henderson (Michael Henderson) – a kind of live reference to the British journalist Michael Nicholson (Michael Nicholson) – in the film ‘Welcome to Sarajevo’.
In 2001, Dillane played the role of Harker in the movie ‘Spy Games’ (‘Spy Games’).
In 2002, Steven played well enough Leonard Woolf (Leonard Woolf) in the movie ‘Watch’; In 2005 he was no less brilliantly accustomed to the image of the legendary English professional golf player Harry Vardon (Harry Vardon) in the movie ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’.
In 2005, Stephen played Glen Foy (Glen Foy) in the trilogy ‘Goal!’.
In 2008, the actor received the role of Thomas Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson) in the mini-series ‘John Adams’.
In July 2011, Stephen Dillane joined the crew of the popular fantasy series “The Game of Thrones”; Dillain got the role of Stannis Baratheon. Playing the role of Stanis Steven Dillane to this day.
In 2012, Dillane received the role of Rupert Keel (Rupert Keel), head of the private security organization ‘Byzantium’ from the television series ‘Hunted’ (‘Hunted’). In the same year, Stephen played in the independent British film ‘Papadopoulos & Sons’ (‘Papadopoulos & Sons’); His character, once a successful entrepreneur, in the course of the film suffered a crushing collapse due to the financial crisis and rediscovered for himself the meaning of life. The role of the son of Stephen’s character, by the way, was played by his real son Frank (Frank).
Stephen Dillane is married to actress Naomi Wirtner (Naomi Wirthner); They have two children – Seamus and Frank. Frank was already following his father’s steps; One of his most successful roles so far is the young Voldemort from ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’.

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