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Name: Stana Katic
Date of Birth: April 26, 1978 (38 years old)
Zodiac: Taurus
Oriental horoscope: Horse
Place of birth: Hamilton, Canada
Activities: Actress
Weight: 61 kg
Height: 175 cm
Stana Katic Biography
Childhood Stana Katic
She was born in Canada, although her mother and father at the time moved there from Yugoslavia. Shortly after the birth of the camp, the whole family, where in addition to it, it was still five children, moved to the United States. She grew up in Aurora, went to school, with its graduated as “excellent”, entered the top ten students of release. She has great ability to learn languages. Girl readily held in five languages, including native languages of parents – Croatian and Serbian.
After school, she became a student at the University of Toronto, where she studied international relations took a biology course and clothing simulation course.
A chance meeting on the street with an old acquaintance has led Man to the set, where she co-starred with him in the independent short film. Filming her so captivated that Stan decided to study this profession and with her usual thoroughness proceeded to business.
It was not long, and the future actress has studied acting at the Goodman School of Drama. In addition, she signed up for ballet and karate, studied stage fighting, belly dancing. His future profession Katich and mastered at Studio dramatics.
Early career actress Stana Katic, filmography
Career began on the stage. She played in the classic productions, and productions of contemporary playwrights. Katich has been involved in such performances as: “Seagull”, “beyond therapy”, “Romeo and Juliet”. In addition, she played in productions of “Rumors,” “Richard III of”, “Burning Chrome,” “A Christmas Carol”, “Sexy Boots Charlie” and others.
“Ambulance” – a television series in which the first Katich appeared on television. This was followed by work in the film “JAG.” She was lucky to work in a movie from the very beginning, it has always been the picture, causing the interest of viewers. Her first shooting in the movie took place in the 1999th. It was a picture of the student with the name «Acid Freaks». While she appeared in the TV series “The Shield», «C.S.I .: Miami”, “24 hours”, “operative”, “Snoop,” “Alias,” “Naughty Network”.
In 2005, Katic played in the blockbuster “The Pitbull”, shortly thereafter received a role in the television movies “Face” and “Dragon Dynasty”. In 2006th she played a Mossad employee (former) in the “Heroes” cult series. Her character was able to operate at a distance, and electrical machinery.
After working on the series “Brothers & Sisters,” “Detachment” Antiterror “, she received a challenging role – the role of Jenny in the film” Feast of Love “directed by Morgan Freeman. The problem was that she had to play in tandem with Selma Blair how their friendship grew into romance. In the picture, they had to kiss.
The 2008th Stan handy that it even during the comprehension of the profession engaged scenic fights and studying karate since had to play a few militants. After that, her actress entrenched reputation, excellent job with the role of heroines militants. So, Frank Miller, she starred in “The Avengers”, which was raised on comics. Stan played in it Morgenstern. She has worked with well-known actors: Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson.
In the film “Quantum of Solace”, which tells the story of another James Bond film, the actress starred with Olga Kurylenko and Daniel Craig.
At Mills beautiful voice, she is the owner of alto-mezzo-soprano. His vocal abilities actress was able to demonstrate in action movie with the long title “The Librarian 3: The Curse of the Judas Chalice.” She played in the film Man of the protagonist.
As an actress who knows karate and able to deal with machetes, Katich was able to play a Russian spy were Rain in the thriller “The path of the blade.”
I was invited to become a “Castle” – the series, which was shown on the screens with 2009. The film went on television channel ABC. In this series, together with Katich starring Nathan Fillion. Both lead actors have become popular, receiving worldwide recognition. The success with the audience did become an actress, which is often invited to the shooting in the series.
Stana Katic at the moment
in the film «For Lovers Only» In 2010, she starred in France. In this film and played by Richard Gere.
In 2010-2011 Katich has played in two films: “Double Agent” and «Big Sur». Last Work Mills – shooting the movie “Club« CBGB », released on the big screen in the fall of 2013.
Today Katic – the most recognizable American actress and at the same time charming and intelligent girl. She has come a lot of interesting roles and projects.
Life Stana Katic
Stan is a very versatile person. Among her hobbies archeology and Astrophysics, designing clothes and basketball, swimming and baseball. In addition, she is a fan of active holidays, prefers horseback riding, karate classes, enjoys playing football, doing yoga.
Popular actress participated in “Dancing with the Stars,” after which seriously fascinated by flamenco. In his spare time, this girl, like the heroine of the TV movie “Castle”, reads a lot.
«Sine Timore Productions» – the name of the production company, organized an actress. Translated from the Latin – is “Fearless” or “without fear.” Mill – an active participant in charity events and a variety of environmental projects.

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