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By chanting the charm of oriental beauty in ancient poems and tales, writers and poets have always compared her to a gazelle.
Gazelle, a graceful little animal with thin limbs and graceful horns, belongs to the subfamily of antelopes.
Gazelles live on low rocky hills and plateaus of desert and semi-desert areas of Africa and Asia. Despite the fact that most species of gazelles live in Africa, the birthplace of these animals – in Asia. It is from this part of the world millions of years ago the emigration of gazelles in the western direction, as a result of which the animals were in Africa. Climate rich African savannah and desert grasses with rapid changes in day and night temperatures is quite satisfied gazelles, so they stayed to live here.
Gazelle refers to cloven-hoofed animals and is represented by nineteen different species. This long-legged slender with tiny delicate claws antelope has a mass of 12 to 85 kg, and the animal’s height ranges from 50-110 cm depending on the type of antelope.
animal body is covered with a thick dense coat of yellow, gray or brown shades on the back and sides and on the belly – white wool. Males differ from females larger size and longer reaching eighty centimeters lyrate horns.
Among all known gazelles deserves special attention antelope that lives exclusively on the plains, but called mountain racer. This gazelle is able to jump to overcome a length of up to seven meters, and the height of her jump is around three meters.
Gazelle – herd animals. The number of herds of gazelles sometimes over a thousand individuals. Herds of gazelles are in constant motion, moving in search of food and water, vast expanses of deserts and savannah. Males are vigilantly watching over the safety of the flock and defending valiantly and young females in the attack of a predator. It should be noted that those wishing to eat meat gazelle large set among terrestrial predators, including lions, cheetahs and leopards, as well as among birds robbers: eagles, golden eagles, vultures and cemeteries. Armed with only one horned gazelle is clearly losing. Therefore salutary for it are only running zigzag, the speed is 65 km / hour, jumps and incredible responsiveness of the animal. Lightning jumping up from their seats at the slightest noise, gazelle starts heels, abruptly stopping to make sure there are no car chases. These sudden stops on hand pursuers and gazelles can end sadly.
In the rainy season the females bring on one cub. Immediately after birth the baby lying motionless in the grass, waiting for her mother, who is in the offing. Only after some time baby becomes more active. Growing up, samochki remain in the herd, and the young males leave it and gather in separate herds for bachelors. Later, getting stronger, males occupy certain areas and form their flocks, composed and females.
Young inexperienced gazelle easily tamed and can live long in captivity. It is known that the ancient Egyptians kept on par with livestock and these graceful animals.
The beauty of these antelopes has inspired not only the eastern poets and storytellers. With charm and a lot of gazelles due to take in that still believe in the East. It is believed that the expectant mother is required to be born beautiful baby, if it is a long time to look at a gazelle eyes.

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