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Extensive genus of plants annonaceae family, consisting of about 119 species. Gradually, they spread to all parts of the tropical and subtropical zones of the globe. The main cultivated species Annona: cherimoya, soursop prickly, soursop mesh, Annona purpurea Anon and scaly. All species of the genus – trees and shrubs. Seven types annonas are cultivated for their edible fruit.
Before use, the fruit must be cleaned from the skin, remove seeds and serve fresh, added to desserts, ice cream and thick milkshakes. When you purchase is necessary to choose fruits without stains and wounds, store at room temperature until they are slightly yellow and does not become softer.
Annona cherimoya (chirimola, chirmoliya, owl, golden Peruvian apple) small spreading tree 6-7 m. In height native to the mountainous regions of Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia. Considered the most valuable fruit plants of the genus Annona, as well as one of the most delicious fruit on earth. Fruits are conical, round or heart-shaped weighing 300-600 g .. (up to 2.7 kg.), Covered with a hard rind and juicy segments contain white flesh with a delightful aroma and taste. Inside there are large dark seeds, resembling the shape and size of beans. Cherimoya added to various salads and desserts, in beverages and ice cream. Often the fruits are cut and served just chilled.
Barbed Annona (Sour cream tree, soursop, guanabana) small tree up to 6 m high. The fruits weighing up to 4.5-7 kg. covered skinned with short fleshy spines, under which there is a mass of white, fibrous, juicy segments with muscat sweet-sour taste and a large number of large seeds. As they recall the flavor of pineapple. As cherimoya, soursop prickly cultivated in the tropics. The pulp is used for making beverages, fruit salads and ice cream.
Net Annona (custard apple, “Buddha head”) from Central America and the Antilles. Under optimal conditions, the tree reaches a height of 10 m. The fruits are yellow or brownish, heart 8-15 cm. In diameter. The flesh is sweet, creamy, perfectly suitable for the preparation of a variety of sweet desserts.
Annona scaly (sugar apple), the most widely cultivated species of the genus Annona. It is a small tree up to 3-6 m. Height with conical fruits covered with hard scales gray or bluish-green, under which are creamy-white, juicy, sweet segments with cinnamon smell.
Annona purpurea (Annona purpurea) A small tree from Mexico and Central America. Brownish fruits up to 15 cm. In diameter covered with hook-like appendages. The flesh is bright orange, creamy, tastes like mango.

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