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Test drive Skoda Octavia A7
Made in the style of the new Skoda Octavia A7 company began to look much more closely and at first glance very similar to the previously provided by Skoda Rapid. On closer examination it can be seen that in different parts of the machine. They have a different shape headlamps and “protivotumanok” rear optics, bumpers, and in a completely different style of sustained rear doors. But in general, clearly that Skoda is clearly on the way “brothers” on concern – Audi and the VW, where virtually all of its machines on one “face”.
Test drive Skoda Octavia A7, the most popular model of the brand. At present, they have already sold more than 3.7 million absolute record sales is the Octavia A5 -. From 2004 to 2012 sold more than 2.2 million vehicles..
In body
Built on a modular platform Volkswagen MQB, Skoda Octavia A7 significantly longer related VW Golf. So, if Octavia A5 and Golf V had an identical wheelbase, coinciding millimeter (2578 mm), the new product has grown in size. And the A7 with a wheelbase of 2686 mm outgrown not only the previous generation Octavia (+ 108 mm), but also a new Golf VII (+ 49 mm).
Passengers previous generation Octavia had never complained about the shortage of space, but even more in the area A7. The length and width of the interior increased markedly; more space above his head and feet for the rear passengers.
When I conducted a test drive Skoda Octavia A7 me in the cabin seemed to be sitting in the Superb. And this feeling arises not only due to the more spacious interior, but also a new dashboard design similar to the interior of the flagship brand. For example, the upper part of the dashboard with a characteristic peak for the first time it appeared in the Superb.
But the trunk is actually the same – he added a symbolic 5 liters, but with the volume of 590 liters it is huge. Where noticeably increased the maximum volume when the rear seats folded – 1580 liters, and this is 125 liters more than in the previous model.
For the first time there was Octavia engine start button. The design of the front panel with a characteristic peak in common with the flagship Superb.
It will look like the heating and ventilation system for the base Skoda Octavia. And so – at the highest possible level of equipment and additional options. Here and three-stage seat heating and preheater.
For Skoda Octavia A7 offers several options for your music system: initial (1), an average of 5.8 inches from the monitor (2) and the flagship with 8-inch screen (3).
Simple Solutions
Note and new ideas Skoda: some of them are simple, but at the same time the original. For example, a two-way cargo mat – on the one hand he nappy in tone upholstery trunk, on the other – rubber, with easy to clean surface. Practical drivers will appreciate. Please them and staff removable “trash” the size of 20×30 cm, which can be installed in any of the door cards. In the winter obviously handy ice scraper, which is located under the fuel tank hatches.
Now Skoda Octavia an opportunity to order option – windshield heating. In our climate, winter is great makes life easier. Earlier, heating glass was only available for two models of Skoda – Yeti and Superb.
Now the owner of Skoda Octavia is not necessarily looking for the key to the car in a pocket or bag, because the model will be equipped with keyless access.
At different wallets
Even for old Octavia was available a huge number of options, but with the arrival of the A7 this list becomes even wider. So, for the first time appeared on the Octavia Parking Assistant automatic parking and control traffic on the lane Lane Assistant. And for a small deviation from the markup, even if you do not hold on to the steering wheel, the latter on their own cars in the band returns. When Congress marked with stripes beep without activating the turn signal. In our car was and the system Driving Mode Selection, which allows to customize a car driving style. There are fixed settings Normal, Eco and Sport, as well as a custom mode. The system modifies the engine settings, steering and robotized gearbox, if available. In sport mode, DSG shifts gears much later, keeping the engine in the upper rev range. In the ECO, on the contrary, as soon as possible manual switch to a higher gear. As for individual modes, then it is possible, for example, leave the settings efficient powertrain, but to establish a sports mode for steering.
There were and are necessary in winter options like heated windscreen, three-stage heating the rear seats. And here is an absolute novelty for Skoda as a whole has become a socket at 220 volts have been in our car.
Rear lighting fixtures – in the style of the brand, with a typical “horseshoe” marker lights.
As there was a socket 220 as an option for Skoda B.
Cup holders in the rear folding armrest with adjustable “gauge” can be adjusted to the diameters of the containers.
On the dashboard expensive versions – Connectors USB and AUX, and in the glove compartment – two slots for SD-cards and the hard drive 64 Gb.
Moves manual 6-speed gearbox for Skoda traditionally informative and clear. In addition to this gearbox is available for the Octavia A7 5-st. “Mechanics”, and 6- and 7-st. “Robot» DSG.
In the center console there is a special place for your phone. Average unit with a screen of 3.2 inches with a reserve placed.
Front seats expensive versions are equipped with electrically adjustable, and the driver – even the memory. In the back row at 47 mm increased distance from the sofa cushion to the seat back.
A total of 8, for us – 5
In Europe, test drive the Skoda Octavia A7 has a huge selection of engines: as much as 8 engines – four petrol and diesel as well. And all of them equipped with turbocharging and direct fuel injection. By the way, in our market the new Octavia A7 will be available with time-tested atmospheric 1.6-liter engine MPI (only not to be confused with the previously installed vosmiklapannym 1.6 liters per 102 liters. P.). For Octavia A7 will prepare a 16-valve version, which is not the first equipped with the second generation Skoda Fabia. But Octavia A7 raised its capacity from 105 liters. from. up to 110 liters. from. However, with this engine Octavia A7 will appear only in 2014.
The car has grown in almost all respects. A special allowance for extra millimeters was interior. Significantly – by as much as 108 mm – increased wheelbase, while the body is longer by 90 mm. This allowed a whopping 29 mm to reduce the front overhang of the body.
The base will have 1.2-liter turbocharged (105 hp..). The second in the line – the 1.4-liter turbo power of 140 hp. from. On top of range until 2014, when a new Octavia the RS, will be the version with the familiar yet for Octavia A5 1.8-liter turbo engine capacity of 180 liters. from. With this engine acceleration A7 in 7.3 seconds to 100 km / h can be the envy of other hot hatchbacks. And this, incidentally, is 0.6 seconds faster than the Octavia A5 with the same power unit and only 0.1 seconds slower than the current Skoda Octavia RS.
As for the turbo, this 2.0-liter engine capacity of 150 liters. from. and with a great torque of 320 Nm, available in a range of 1750-3000 rev / min. Just such a machine, equipped with a 6-speed “mechanics”, we have to test.
I liked the traction engine – after one and a half thousand revolutions per minute there is a marked pick-up, but up to this point – a clear turboyamu. Literally shoots machine from 1700 rev / min. In addition to the ITUC, the engine is available with a 6-step “robot» DSG. By the way, with him effect turboyamy KP could smooth holding the motor in the required speed range.
And, of course, the horse of the motor – efficiency. According to the manufacturer, the average diesel fuel consumption is 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers. In this case it turned out a little more than 6.0 liters, but with the active style of driving.
The trunk was only 5 liters more, but its scope is impressive – 590 liters. As an option offered hitch, the hook is removable.
Test drive Skoda Octavia A7 showed that almost every new model, engineers are trying to make it easier, because the weight reduction improves the dynamic performance and efficiency. This trend has also affected the new Octavia. In general, its weight was reduced to 102 kg compared with Octavia A5. Due to the widespread use of high-strength steel body (including the interior) “lost” in the 30 kg. In the 40 kg weight dropped powertrains and chassis allowed to save an additional 26 kg, electrical equipment is now 6 kg lighter.
Octavia and received a new front suspension and rear – all two! Ahead fitted with a McPherson strut with a completely new wishbones. Used in their manufacture high strength steels, which, with adequate rigidity to reduce the weight of parts, and hence the unsprung mass. This approach and the rear multi-link suspension, which will be equipped with a powerful version – more than 140 liters. from. With the engines will be installed simpler rear semi-dependent suspension with torsion beam.
On the move the car with the “mnogoryichazhka” gorgeous, the suspension is firm, which is typical for the Octavia, but rough road no discomfort, even “speed bumps” virtually invisible. However, irregularities on the small Portuguese roads.
One of the “chips” of the new Octavia – ice scraper, which is located in a recess the fuel tank flap. By the way, the first time such a solution has been proposed in Skoda Rapid. One of the “chips” of the new Octavia – ice scraper, which is located in a recess the fuel tank flap. By the way, the first time such a solution has been proposed in Skoda Rapid.
One of the “chips” of the new Octavia – ice scraper, which is located in a recess the fuel tank flap. By the way, the first time such a solution has been proposed in Skoda Rapid.
The new leader
Heir of the most popular in the history of Skoda brand was worthy. The prices for the initial version should not be very high. In the Czech Republic sales have already started. Price Octavia with a motor of 1.2 liters (105 hp.). – From $ 19,200. “Live” will bring the machine in July. And in 2014, expected the versatile, all-wheel drive version and “charged» Octavia RS.

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