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Singapore is so unique state that on the device is more like an oasis in the desert. Lion City – that is literally translated from Malay to Singapore. Despite the tiny size of the country, celebrations and festivals held in Singapore in abundance. The most beautiful and colorful national festivals – Chinese New Year celebration, the Hindu festivals Ponggal and Thaipusam in February, Spring Festival Hougang (in late February) and the Birthday Child-God, which is celebrated May 1st. Also of interest are the Dragon Boat Festival in May and June, the feast of classical Indian dance and music – the festival of the temple ceremonies and cleansing Chettar fire Timiti (in October).
The Republic of Singapore, the city-state in Southeast Asia, part of the Commonwealth, led by Britain.
Geographical location, nature
The country’s territory includes the small island of Singapore (42 km long and 23 km wide), as well as several neighboring islands, located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore Island is separated from the peninsula Malacca Strait Johor width of a little more than 1 km. Coast Strait bridged. Total area – 648 square meters. km.
Weather and Climate
The climate is humid tropical, with high temperatures throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 26 ° C and the temperature difference between the coldest (January) and warmest (May) month period does not exceed 1 ° C. The average annual rainfall of 2400 mm.
The indigenous inhabitants of the island – the Malays. After the British colony of the base through the development of trade is settled a large number of immigrants from Europe, China, India and other countries. Currently, 78% of the population are Chinese, 14% – the Malays, 8% – Indians.
In Singapore, almost everyone understands and speaks in English, and most of the local signage in English as well. In the English-speaking tourist does not arise in this connection is no problem. Apart from English there is also widely used Malaysian language, Mandarin and Tamil – the native language of the local Indian population. There are in Singapore and some Chinese dialects.
Available in all major religious faiths, Christians make up only approx. 7%.
Holidays and weekends
January 1, 1, 2 May, August 9, 25-26 December, as well as religious holidays.
Singapore – a multinational city, so anywhere you can try a variety of Chinese, Malian and Indian cuisine. Bars, cafes and restaurants scattered throughout offer a great variety of different Asian dishes.
Overland Singapore overpass associated with Malaysia. By train you can get from Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur.
Urban transport. The easiest way to get around – taxis. Most drivers speak in English.
Metro. The system is similar to the Russian subway trains pass just above the ground. Very easy and convenient for passengers. Perfect cleanliness platforms makes the trip very enjoyable.
Singapore dollar – S $. You can make an exchange at the airport, at the hotel or in the exchange offices located in the city or in supermarkets.
Additional Information
Nightlife and entertainment. The central tourist street of Singapore – Orchard Road – bright glowing promenade, where you will find many night bars, discos and restaurants, and in the afternoon will be keen terrific shopping. Huge shopping malls will impress even the most discerning buyer. It seems that everyone got there just went crazy and can not stop buying various goods. Be sure to follow the advice of Rudyard Kipling and go to “Writer’s Bar,” the hotel “the Raffles” here and try the famous cocktail Singapore Sling. It is also interesting to dine in Klark Quay or Boat Quay by the waterfront. There are noisy bars and small restaurants of all cuisines. Kind of a night city with illuminated skyscrapers, leaving upward, emphasizes the contrast between the “past and future” of this wonderful state.
Behavior rules. Clear and located everywhere signs explain how to behave. For garbage thrown in the street you fined $ 1000S, for smoking in official institutions, air-conditioned restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets, etc. – At 500S $. Riding in a car without a seat belt, too, faces a fine. Needless to mention that cross the roadway only necessary for the traffic light, even at night!
Before entering the Indian temples and mosques should take off your shoes, as well as before entering into any Asian house.

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