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Shirley Temple

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Date of Birth: 04/23/1928
Date of Death: 2/10/2014
Shirley Jane Temple was born in Santa Monica (Calif.). Shirley Temple – “little charming goddess.” Movies with young actors eagerly watched many adults, the most famous of the young stars, no doubt, was Shirley Temple. It was the brightest movie star-kid music of Hollywood and world’s most popular children’s films actress.
It was a talented child, second, that never was and never will be. In the directory “Who’s Who in America” about it was written more than the great Greta Garbo. The daughter of a banker, Shirley at the age of three years, she made her debut in the film “Rise and shine!” And by the age of six Temple became world famous actress, she appeared in over seventy films, for which received a substantial fee and earn more than 1 ppm of dollars before how she was 10 years old. It was a little girl with golden curls, rosy cheeks and a mischievous smile. By becoming her there were films in which she starred – “Arise and rejoice,” “Shining eyes”, “The Little Colonel,” “Captain January”, “Willie Winkie”, “Baby bows”, “Dimples,” “Little Miss Marker, “” Poor little Rich Girl, “” A little Princess “and others. For her enormous contribution to American cinema in 1934. It was the only time in history was awarded an honorary Oscar child. She even opened a small bronze sculpture. Implementation of children’s songs (on candy boat, at a ball at the cod, baby animals, crackers in my soup) brought her more popularity. Critics pointed out, however, that the role, in which she starred in adolescence and early adulthood, were played poorly and nothing special. She was given an Oscar yet, because she “brought more happiness to millions of children and adults than any other child in the world.” “Sweet baby” reconciled quarreling lovers could find a girlfriend for the lonely life of a man to prevent his parents’ divorce. At 8 years old Shirley Temple was in the top ten highest-grossing Hollywood stars. She earned more than $ 3 million. Her picture was splashed all over the place – on toys, clothes, house walls, in shop windows.
But her selfish mother, squandered all, it was just not enough. Soon, she found that the girl would be nice to learn and, although it was given its own house with a Hollywood apprenticeship class, and at 14 Shirley Temple went to school. And when she came back, a lot has changed. There was a war, public tastes were not the same, and indeed the “baby” has grown up. Since it was what happened with the other actors-children: first, fame and recognition, and then almost complete oblivion. In the late 40’s starred in his last series, and soon graduated to the actress’s career. In 1945 she married actor D.Egara, in 1950, divorced him and married a businessman from San Francisco Ch.Blekom. Then Temple did not resume work in the cinema, in 1967 he stepped on the path of social activities. It was the US representative to the UN, Ambassador to Ghana, the head of protocol in the presidential administration D.Forda. In 1989, President George HW Bush appointed her ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

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