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Childhood and adolescence Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan – known Bollywood actor. Born on November 2, 1965 in New Delhi.
the actor’s family was nice and friendly. Khan’s mother was studying at Oxford, but after graduation returned to his homeland, where he immediately got a job. She oversaw the troubled teens and has organized inter-ethnic marriages, protecting the interests of the latter. As if she knew that her son will suffer the same fate – the marriage with a woman of another religion and strict rules. However, she and her son could not help, and for the happiness he had to fight himself.
Khan’s father was older than his wife of 11 years, because of what the family for some time were against this marriage. He worked as an engineer, but later left this profession, by organizing your business.
Despite the age difference, the marriage was a happy and successful. And already in 1959, he was born the daughter Shenhaz, and in 1965 was born Khan – the future movie star. Although parents predicted him a completely different fate.
Khan’s childhood was fairly modest. However, the boy always able to achieve what he wanted. Parents since childhood instilled in him a love for the theater. Mother son read a lot of books, but when Khan grew up and taught himself to read and write, he began to write poetry and short stories, which then solemnly read to the guests, who are so often visited in their home.
My parents belonged to the education of Khan sufficiently democratic. He could go home, stay up late. Because of this freedom Khan even succeeded several times to break the neighbors windows. But he also repaired them at their own expense. He always had pocket money that he earned by performing small tasks.
Shahrukh Khan career start
When future film star was 16 years old, the family knocked trouble – his father died from cancer.
Khan’s mother made every effort to save her husband. Invest huge sums in treatment, to borrow money from friends, he worked at several jobs, but, unfortunately, attempts were in vain. The disease won. Khan believed that his father died as a hero, fighting with a terrible disease. There were no tears teenager, he had to be brave and strong enough to support his mother and sister.
After his father’s death his mother led the family firm, and soon the financial situation was better. She was even able to buy a machine Khan, when he went to college.
While studying in college, Khan said he wanted to become an actor, and his mother did not interfere with it, even though she had planned that his son take the reins by the board in his hands. But she reacted with respect to the choice of his son, and even advised him to go to study in film school.
On the big screen she never got to see his son because Khan’s mother died in 1991 from blood poisoning. But before that, she saw that the son of a lot of promise, and that it will succeed.
Khan hard to bear his mother’s death, she had always been for him like a guardian angel. The family was not religious, and only on the day of death of the mother Khan with a prayer addressed to Allah.
Life Shahrukh Khan
His love for the future actor met early, while still in college. He immediately fell in love with Gauri, as soon as he saw her. But for the happiness he had to fight. Family Gauri was very believing they were Hindus, and they do not like Khan with his Muslim faith. Mother Gauri even threatened suicide if she did not cease to maintain a relationship with Khan. The love of parents had secretly dating for six years.
The couple could get married only in 1991, when Khan was already a popular actor. However, Gauri’s mother could not accept this marriage, she put on mourning and refused to eat.
The girl’s father was more supportive of Khan and took it as a son in law. However, such a dislike for Khan was caused not only by his religious beliefs, but also by the fact that the young man was an actor. And for parents Gauri this profession was considered almost immoral. Although the TV series and movies with Khan they looked happy. But over the years, all is forgotten and replaced hatred came to the son-in-love. Moreover, the couple gave birth to a wonderful children. In 1997 they had a son Aryan and daughter Suhana in 2000.
Family at Khan friendly. Actor respects the religious beliefs of his wife. In their home, you can always see the Quran and the statues of Hindu deities.
Acting operations Khan
Acting operations Khan no less exciting than the personal life.
He even went to acting classes, but had already played on stage. After the training, he moved to Mumbai, where he successfully passed the audition, and in the period from 1988 to 1991, he starred in five series. It was a great start to get into a great film.
So, in 1992, almost simultaneously broadcast 5 films, which starred Khan.
Following this success, Khan became a movie star. Although really he becomes famous only after the publication of films “Darr and” Baazigar “, where the actor acted in unexpected for the audience and itself role of anti-hero. After the melodrama” Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, where Khan played the lover Raj Malhotra, the world declared him a superstar. Much water has flowed under the bridge since then, during which time he starred in nearly 60 films and 12 films in which the actor plays a cameo.
In 2000, Shah Rukh Khan tried his hand as a producer. Together with Juhi Chawla and Aziz Mirza he shot the film “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani”. Tragically film did not cause a big success. The same fate befell the film “Asoka”.
But one thing has not done cinema. Shah Rukh Khan has released an autobiographical book in which he described in detail his impressions and experiences related to the movie. The book was warmly received by fans.
A few years ago the movie was filmed on the Khan. It was directed by Nasreen Munni Kabir. For the first time the tape was shown to Mumbai.
Actor, incidentally, also came to her view and, speaking at a press conference after the film said that he was an ordinary man, and his life is no different from the lives of others.
The museum Madame Tussauds is a statue of Shah Rukh Khan. The actor is depicted in a leather jacket, as the hero of the film «Don», in full growth. A weekly London newspaper “Eastern Eye” in 2007 called Khan the most sultry Asian man. Despite the violent acting career, Khan knows that the time will come and he will have to leave the stage, and therefore prepare a replacement. This replacement was the son Aryan. Khan teaches him the art of dance and speech. The son has already worked dubbing of the animated film “Mr. Lajawab”.
However, the actor’s activity is not limited only to film and directing. It also deals with advertising on television, arranges concert shows and create animated films. Khan recently announced the creation of Red Chilli Idiot Box film production company. This company will make documentary films.
Well, we wish this handsome all the same success, to be the darling of fortune, and expect him to new and interesting films.

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