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Scott Adkins

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Scotty Adkins (born June 17, 1976, Sutton Coldfield, England) For film lovers, this popular English actor, athlete and stuntman who prefers to make films on martial arts is remembered for his roles in such films as Undisputed 2 and Expendables 3. Hardly in childhood Scotty Edkins saw himself in the ring or a famous actor. All that the English boy lacked in fancy at first was the thought of a worthy continuation of the hereditary dynasty of butchers, to which his parents belonged – John and Janet Edkins.

The future actor grew up, as they say, neither shaky nor roll. I often skipped classes while studying at the Bishop Wessei Small School (Sutton Coldfield), and those who I didn’t miss were often dozing, buried in textbooks, because secretly, when mom and dad were already asleep, they watched nightly TV shows and action films. Obviously, then Scott and woke up the desire to play sports, and more specifically – the martial arts. Who knows how this “orgy” would end with nightly views, if one day the father, as if suspicious of something wrong, had not sent a ten-year-old Scott and his older brother, Craig, out of harm’s way to a judo club. The money from John Edkins – a man of average means – was brought, and he did not spare them for the children. According to Scott himself, he spent this period of life as if in a dream. The passion for martial arts was akin to a viral disease that allowed the young man to “get sick” in the good sense of the word. Sometimes the passion for martial arts crossed all borders, relentlessly following the younger Edkins. Dreams are gradually realized. Suffice it to say that Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Dam became the idols for Scott, on whom he really prayed, not forgetting about hard workouts every day. Fortunately, there was no need to look for a place for meditation and training at home His father’s garage was the dojo where, in fact, Scotty Adkins grew up.

Sports and acting career

First – judo, then – 14-year-old Scott begins to get involved in taekwondo, and after a few years – kickboxing. When the muscles were put in order, the young man drew attention to Hollywood. However, the love of cinema at first expressed only in the fact that Edkins had just signed up for the drama department of the college of the same Sutton Coldfield. That is bad luck: if Scott progressed in the sport, then everything went awfully in the actor’s art. The future actor was so timid in public that he compared this sensation with hell. However, shyness was overcome when 21-year-old Edkins received an invitation to the prestigious Academy of Dramatic Art Webber Douglas. In the life of a novice actor was all: lack of money, disappointment in the acting profession, because of what Scott dropped out of school as early as his first year. Six months later, he seemed to have lost hope forever, was invited to play in the movie “Extreme Challenge” (2001). Surprisingly, the invitation came from the head of the Hong Kong Association of Fighters and Stuntmen. What Scott Adkins dreamed about has happened. He managed to see the idols of filmmaking in Hong Kong, to communicate and play with them in one picture. So difficult was the beginning. Further, the biography of the English actor has been enriched by a number of other films, the best of which are rightfully called “The Undisputed”, “The Bourne Ultimatum”, “Danny the Chain Dog”, “The Random Spy”. Thanks to real sports skills in life, he performs the stunts on his own, without attracting stuntmen. The audience loved the actor for the entertainment and beauty of the battle scenes with his participation.

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