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American model Sara Jean underwood, slim, funny and Sunny blonde, as it is called foreign journalists, has passed a difficult path to stardom. A native of the United States, she became the darling of the Americans after the shooting at a nationally-known Directors.
Born future model and actress March 26, 1984 in Portland. About the childhood of the beautiful blonde very little is known, except that her childhood friend was Derek Adnerson, a famous football player. She attended Scappoose High School (graduated 2002), as well as at the universities of Portland and Oregon. She even played for volleyball team of the University of Oregon State University. To achieve success in school and later in work, she always helped such qualities as determination and faith in victory.
Way to the top of Sara Jean underwood model
Name Sarah Jean underwood models sounded after the appearance of her photo in Playboy magazine in 2005. Sarah liked the audience that twice in a row was Playmate of the month and year, and also starred in numerous Playboy videos.
As a professional model, Sarah Jean underwood growth is small, only one hundred and sixty centimetres, weight – 47 kg. Not very suitable for the model parameters. But who notices “missing” inches, when on the podium there is this blonde beauty?
Sarah could not find her place in life, as evidenced by frequent changes of place of work. She was the assistant in the shop of construction equipment, a waitress in a restaurant. However, this favorite work has always been shooting shows and photoshoots. Not octopuses from her goal, she has achieved good results.
Sara Jean underwood photo for Playboy
When in 2007, the party Playboy world-famous ladies ‘ man Hugh Hefner announced playmate of the year Sara Jean underwood, and she, in turn, immediately declared himself the happiest girl in America. And it’s not in material goods (prize Fund of one hundred thousand dollars and a luxury car), but rather in the title, which gave the girl more confidence and popularity among Americans.
At the party Sara Jean underwood photo was captured in a little yellow dress and a diamond necklace. She won the heart of Hugh Hefner, who for 48 years selects the most beautiful girls for the world’s most popular men’s magazine.
The trick to success for Sarah Jane underwood is the image of the girl next door, simple, naive, cute, but it is spectacular. These were Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, who, incidentally, at the time, also became the stars of a Playboy. Considers herself Sara Jean underwood is a model for Playboy should be girls with a twist, have a unique charm and individual appeal.
Filmography Of Sarah
In the world of cinema Sara Jean underwood weight gained very rapidly. She starred in several blockbusters, including “epic movie”, “the house Bunny, Two million stupid women”, “Lord of shadows”, “Miss March”, “Knight and day”, “Selwood”, etc. Just from 2007 to 2011 – 14 films of various genres, and in some of them the model plays herself.
Such eminent Directors like Jason Friedberg and Chris Weitz has noted the excellent work of Sara underwood on the set, good acting. External data is also important for the actress, so Hollywood smile, wonderful shape and well-groomed face underwood are very popular.
After starring in several Hollywood stories, she felt that such the present popularity. However, she is philosophical about different kinds of awards, perceiving them as an incentive to develop and improve spiritually. As the very model of worldly pleasure is not what she seeks. Girl wants to constantly move forward in terms of moral growth. Perhaps Sarah will get the role more serious and profound than all the previous ones.
Other Hobbies of actress Sara Jean underwood
As you can see, for girls, work on yourself – not an empty phrase. She constantly reiterates the title of a fully developed personality, seeking to Express themselves in different spheres of life. So, one day Sarah Jean underwood biography which is full of sporting events, decided to popularize Boxing. She starred in the advertising of the company “Black belt”, and some of the pictures were in some Boxing gloves. Such a daring deed had a great response and of course contributed to the achievement of the goal – attracting attention to the sport.
Also interesting is the fact that a famous actress is a professional and experienced poker player that finally dispels the myth of the low level of intelligence of blondes. In a casino, where he plays Sara Jean underwood photos girls particularly popular, but the model itself is a well-deserved reputation among poker sharks.

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