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Born July 26, 1964 in the suburbs of Washington. Her mother was an opera singer and her father – a vocal teacher. Sandra has a younger sister Dzhezin, who became a lawyer. About twelve years Sandra has lived in Germany, where she studied ballet and sometimes sang small vocal parts in productions with the participation of the mother. After returning to family in the US, eventually Sandra began to be popular in school and began to lead the support group a football team. But after graduating from school, Sandra Bullock wanted to become a lawyer and was admitted to the University of North Carolina, but left school shortly before the release, and moved to New York in hopes of becoming a model. However, later, Sandra still graduated and received a diploma. In the city center of the future actress working as a waitress, and soon hit on the idea of becoming an actress and enrolled in acting classes. She began acting in student films and got a role in the off-Broadway theater, where she noticed a director and proposed role in the TV movie «Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman».
Gradually, she began to offer small roles in independent films and first major role was the work in the series “Working Girl.” The next three years career, Sandra is developing quite slowly, but after taking part in the film “The Destroyer”, where starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes, to pay attention to it for the bright performance of its albeit secondary role. So in the end in 1994, Sandra Bullock was invited to one of the main roles in the movie “Speed” where her partner on the set then becomes still gaining popularity Keanu Reeves. The film was a great success and both actors did very popular. Following came other films with Sandra Bullock, fix its fame, among them the dramatic comedy “While You Were Sleeping,” the thriller “Network”, the drama “A Time to Kill” and “Crash.” But another part of the movie “Speed” does not meet the expectations of producers, followed by Sandra began to focus more on comedy and drama. So, soon come out “force of nature”, “28 days” and “Miss Congeniality,” for his role in the latest Sandra Bullock was nominated for “Golden Globe”. Other successful pictures with its participation in the years to become a fantastic drama “The Lake House,” which also played Keanu Reeves, “Premonition” and “The Proposal”. In 2009, Sandra Bullock was awarded the “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” for the performance of the role in the movie “The Blind Side.” However, it is noteworthy that in the same year and she got the award “Golden Raspberry” as worst actress for her role in the comedy “All About Steve.” One of the last films with the participation of Sandra Bullock was the drama “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,” nominated for “Oscar” in the category “Best Film”.
Also, the actress is engaged in producing activities in film and has «Fortis Films» own company. Besides Sandra herself wrote and performed the song «Heaven Knocking On My Door» for the film “The Thing Called Love.”

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