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Ryan Reynolds – actor known for his roles in movies and youth entertainment blockbuster “Van Wilder,” “Just Friends” comic adaptation of “X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine, “” Green Lantern. ”
Ryan Rodney Reynolds hails from Vancouver, Canada. He was born October 23, 1976
and was the fourth son of a former police officer and a saleswoman. From childhood he loved to laugh and grimace audience. For these purposes, the boy even together a team of “Yellow Snow”, which made fun of the people with their comedy performances. At school, the girls loved the brown-eyed Ryan, which is on a par with good looks had a rare sense of humor. The teenager went to auditions and once got a small role in the Canadian TV series “Fifteen.” Ryan liked to act, and he continued to search for roles. For the debut was followed by numerous TV series and TV movies, “The Odyssey,” “The X-Files,” “Ordinary Magic” (1993), “My name is Kate” (1994), “Marshal”, “Shut up and serve” (1995), “Lonely dove “” When friendship kills “(1996),” Two guys, a girl and a pizzeria “,” clinic “. At one time he decided to learn and even went to university, but soon gave up education for film sets. Up to 26 years Reynolds was getting pretty inconspicuous role and was a bit lost among the crowd of other cute young actors. 2002nd year was a turning point for him. On cinema screens out youth comedy “Van Wilder,” where Ryan starred otvyaznyh party-goers who all does not want to grow up. The film successfully passed the box office, collecting about $ 38 million. MTV Channel actor prize awarded “Breakthrough Male.” And it was really a breakthrough for Ryan, because he was the hero of young audiences around the world.
26-year-old actor continues to play in entertaining comedies. And in 2004, first appeared in the sci-fi thriller “Blade 3: Trinity”, which embodies on screen Hannibal King, leader of the vampire hunters, who in the past was also a bloodsucker. Ryan does not forget about yourself – go every year several films with his participation. So, in 2005. He played the role of an eccentric teacher in the comedy “Teacher of the Year”, the waiter-avenger in the comedy “Big grub” in love with the romantic comedy “Just Friends” and a victim of ghosts in a mystical thriller “The Amityville Horror.” One of the well-known works in his filmography appears in 2009, Ryan took part in the cash blockbuster “X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine”. Ryan embodies the popular hero comics Wade Wilson, talkative mercenary villain, known for his jokes and black humor. After a series of paintings ( “The Proposal” (2009), “Paper Man” (2009), “Buried” (2010)), Reynolds starred in another comic book adaptation – “Green Lantern” (2011).
In 2011, rolling out the romantic comedy “The Change-Up,” where Ryan’s character is transferred to the body of his more successful than others. And in 2012, Reynolds appears on movie screens starring CIA special agent in the criminal detective “access code” Cape Town “, gathered in a worldwide box office of $ 200 million. Ryan also appears briefly in the 2012 comedy “Ted”, mainly to laugh at a fraction of seconds the audience with his views. Despite the fact that the actor played and courageous agents and villains, and fantastic and dramatic characters, the comedy still remains the main path of “hilarious” Reynolds. Ryan also frequently appears on the pages of glossy magazines because of his many novels with actresses, in particular, about a year he was married to Scarlett Johansson.

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