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Endless expanses of forests and swamps – a great place for hunting game. For centuries man has produced it in the forest, not only in order to feed themselves, but also for the sake of the pen. And it’s nice to relax in the friendly company of like-minded forest, hunting birds. Always there with a man during the hunt was his dog. British centuries favored the Beagle, the Middle East prefer greyhounds, and earned the respect of Russia Russian Spaniel. What is the breed and what it is good to know especially those who can not imagine their life without a hunting rifle or just loves dogs.
History of breed Russian Spaniel
This hunting “on the pen” is fun only when there is a certain result. Besides guns hunter it is very important to have a number of dog that will help him to capture or search game. In the group of sporting dog highlights spaniels. Their main purpose – to search game after the shot, or pick it up with the socket so that the hunter could see it in flight and make a shot. For a long time in Russia used as assistants spaniels that were imported from Europe. Most of them were from England. Whether the Russian hunters were not such as English, or our game to the overseas dogs not respond, but rarely successful hunt was obtained. That’s when an idea – to get on the basis of English Cocker Spaniels Russian dog, suitable for hunting.
It began many years of hard work of breeders. As a result of experiments on the crossing Cocker and Springer with Soucek turned completely dissimilar breed. So gradually from 1945 to 1949 it was carried out the improvement of the breed. Its outcome was a dog, ideal for living and hunting in the conditions of Russia. There is a new breed, called Russian Spaniel. Its distinctive features are: endurance, excellent intuition, perseverance, high efficiency, energy in the search game. This is exactly what has long dreamed of a Russian rulers hunting. Now the breed was developed, it remains present. The first breed standard was approved in 1951. He later revised and was modified several times, but in 1972, to preserve the breed Russian Spaniel and not to lose its quality, is not permitted mating with other breeds.
Hunting boundless expanses of Russia, but almost any reasonable grounds to use trained Russian spaniel. It is indispensable for those who prey on birds. For long-legged Russian handsome no difference, which will host the hunt and at what time of the year. He moves well both in the tall grass, and in marshy swamp. It does not become an obstacle for him snowy winter, when high snowdrifts can move not all hunting dogs.
Character and habits of Russian Spaniel
Do not think that Russian Spaniel is designed exclusively for hunting. This dog – a perfect friend and companion. She is very fond of his master and is ready to spend with him all the time. Going for a walk in the woods, bring your pet. Go fishing, let also located nearby, because she would never interfere with the will. To all the advantages of the representatives of the breed – excellent swimmers, so they do not miss an opportunity to take a dip, if the owner will allow such a pleasure. Having your own home with the site, you can safely let your pet for a walk in the yard, all pre-closing gate.
The dog is very popular with the children. And this affection is very strong, because Spaniel do not mind to spend their free time in the company with rebyatney. It will run with them fun, play, run commands. Leave alone a child with a Russian Spaniel was not scared because the dog had his friend not to offend.
For other pets, it is also good and non-aggressive. Quite often this Spaniel peacefully coexists with the host’s cat, and allow him to eat next to him. But others will drive the cats from the yard, as in its territory to do absolutely nothing. Having spaniel, do not wind up in the home of exotic animals such as hamsters and turtles. The hunting instinct may one day take over, and small animal production will close a spaniel.
On the hunt obedient, executes commands not only the owner, but also those who are close by and has a gun in his hand.
Care Russian spaniel
Whatever undemanding in care was not a dog, but it is always worth remembering that her life and health, her habits and demeanor directly depend only on the person. Want to favorite pet was clean and beautiful, healthy and obedient, you must know how to care for Russian Spaniel.
The story about caring for this wonderful breed, perhaps we should start with exercise. For Russian spaniel, who was bred exclusively for hunting, are of great importance for long walks. An ideal place for training the dog – suburban space. In the absence of such opportunities, you can choose a quiet place in the park, by the river, in the square. Living in the middle of a big city, it is unlikely to have such a beautiful apartment, even with a strong love for the hunt. When insufficient activity of this breed dogs develop obesity, which shortens their life and leads to the development of many diseases.
We ate dog walking in the park, where animals are walking the other (no matter which breed), she tries to keep them company. In this communication the animal can gain fleas, because often it is imperative to inspect the wool.
Russian Spaniel loves to swim, but this does not mean that the dog should be washed frequently. Her hair has virtually no odor, so swimming is only required to the extent of contamination of wool. If frequent hunting and tested in marshy places, wash your hair, the legs have to box each return from the hunt. In the absence of such attacks dog bathed only once in 2 – 3 months.
To Russian Spaniel felt handsome, comb hair must be at least 2 – 3 times a month. In the formation of mats they need to disassemble and clean fingers to coat is not dumped into a ball.
The claws of dogs that run around a lot and are on the hunt, grind themselves. If most of the time the dog is in a flat, you need to trim his nails as they grow. This is usually done every 2 – 3 weeks.
Russian Spaniel Training
Find a professional who will tell you how to train Russian Spaniel, it is not easy, because this science will have to learn on their own through books and videos on the Internet. The first team that develops a little puppy “To me!”, “Location!” When these simple commands are well understood, it is possible to introduce the words “You can!” And “No!”. These teams will not only help in the future for training or walking, but will discipline the dog in the hunt and in the house. Once the dog learns to perform these commands without question, we can expect that it will be successfully taken, and other orders of his master. Spaniel understands:
The dog will be more obedient, ate in the process of learning commands to apply the promotion. The penalty against Russian spaniels almost never used, because they tend not to take any actions that upset the owner.

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