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Russell Johnson

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He is best known for the role of Professor Roy Hinckley, Jr. in the television sitcom of the CBS channel “Gilligan’s Island.”
Russell Johnson was born on November 10, 1924 in Ashley, Pennsylvania, USA. After graduating from high school in the midst of World War II, Johnson became a cadet of the air corps in the Army of the United States Air Force. Having received the rank of lieutenant, Russell participated in 44 military operations. His plane was shot down in the Philippines in March 1945 during the bombing of Japanese targets and fell at the port in Zamboanga. In the course of the mission, Johnson broke both his ankles and was awarded the ‘Purple Heart’ medal. On November 22, 1945, for him, the war ended in the rank of a senior lieutenant and, thanks to the law on benefits for the demobilized, Russell was able to study the acting profession.
Johnson is a graduate of Girard College, a private boarding school in Philadelphia.
He became a close friend of Odie Murphy and starred with him in his three films, ‘Column South’ and ‘Tumbleweed’ (both 1953) and ‘Stay Away from Diablo’ in 1954. Hollywood career Russell spun in 1952 with participation in the drama ‘For Men Only’ and the film-noir ‘Loan Shark’ with George Raft. His first roles the actor received mainly in Westerns and in sci-fi scenes, such as ‘The Newcomer from Space’, ‘This Island is Earth’, ‘Crab Attack-Monsters’ and ‘Space Children’. He also played Eddie Nelson in the 1955 comedy ‘Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki’.
During the 1950s, Russell appeared on Rod Cameron’s TV series ‘City Detective’ and three times in the series ‘Silent Service’, based on the history of the United States Navy. September 16, 1963 actor took part in the new medical drama series ABC ‘Breaking Point’, whose stars were Paul Richards and Edward Franz.
Continuing to work on television, Johnson starred in two episodes of the ‘Twilight Zone’. In the series ‘Back There’ he tried to prevent the murder of Abraham Lincoln, and in the episode ‘Execution’ he played a college professor. In the series “Beyond the possible” he appeared as Major Benedict at the United States space station in an episode titled ‘Specimen: Unknown’.
The best actor recognizes the role of the scientist Roy Hinckley, whose name was often just a ‘professor’, from the series ‘Gilligan’s Island’. During the hearing, Russell was asked to take off his shirt, but he refused – and still got this role. His character could invent anything from the simplest materials on the island where the events occur, and at the same time he could not patch a simple hole in the boat. The series went on air from 1964 to 1967, but its repetitions can be seen to this day.
After the ‘Gilligan’s Island’, Johnson starred in several films and television series, especially having succeeded in the latter. The actor became a participant of such multi-series projects as ‘Invaders’, ‘Death Valley Days’, ‘Lassie’, ‘Iron Side’, ‘FBI’ and ‘Smoke from the trunk’.
Probably one of the most notable serials where Russell worked was the miniseries of ‘Vanished’ of 1971, based on the novel by Fletcher Nibel, and the soap opera with the world-famous ‘Santa Barbara’ (the role of Roger Wainwright # 3).
His son, David, initiated the launch of the AIDS program in Los Angeles, California. He worked in this program until his death in 1994, caused by complications from AIDS. Johnson, learning about his son’s illness, voluntarily helped in raising funds for the study of the problem of AIDS.
Russell wrote an autobiographical book, calling it ‘Here on Gilligan’s Isle’.
He currently lives in Bainbridge Island, Washington.

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